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Hosted by Joris Peels (3DPrint.com, Executive Editor) and Maxwell Bogue (3Doodler, Co-Founder & Inventor), 3D Pod brings 3D printing news and insight, with straight talk from two bona fide 3D printing pros.

3DPOD Episode 208: AM Standards with Mohsen Seifi, Vice President at ASTM

July 22, 2024

Mohsen Seifi already had deep expertise in additive manufacturing and research before joining ASTM. Now, as Vice President of Global Advanced Manufacturing Programs, he heads up ASTM’s unified initiatives in...

3DPOD Episode 207: 3D Printed Electronics with Richard Neill, CEO of Advanced Printed Electronic Solutions

July 15, 2024

Rich Neill is refreshingly clear and direct about 3D printed electronics. His previous venture allowed him to start Advanced Printed Electronic Solutions with his own money, making him beholden to...

3DPOD Episode 206: Electron Beam Metal 3D Printing with Wayland Additive CEO Will Richardson

July 8, 2024

Will Richardson started the electron beam company Wayland Additive nearly five years ago. Since then, the UK firm has been part of the eBeam renaissance, witnessing a resurgence of electron...

3DPOD Episode 205: 3D Printing IP with Meggan Duffy, Marshall Gerstein

July 3, 2024

In this episode of the 3DPOD, we take a deep dive into IP, patents, and more with Meggan Duffy, Partner at Marshall Gerstein. As an entrepreneur our co-host Max is...

3DPOD Episode 204: Metal 3D Printing with Julien Marcilly, AddUp CEO

June 24, 2024

Julien Marcilly had a number of senior management roles managing plants and production facilities, including large metal foundries. He worked for the French industrial concern Fives, which can build you...

3DPOD Episode 203: TCT Asia and 3D Printing in China, with Stefan Ritt

June 17, 2024

Additive manufacturing (AM) veteran Stefan Ritt is back on the 3DPOD after his appearance earlier this year. This time, Stefan gives us his report from TCT Asia. On the heels...

3DPOD Episode 202: RAPID 2024 with SME CEO Bob Willig and Angie Szerlong, SME Group Director of AM Events

June 5, 2024

Bob Willig is an experienced executive who, after years of roles with GKN, the Gates Corporation, and others, became the Executive Director of SME (the Society of Manufacturing Engineers). In...

3DPOD Episode 201: Aerospace Manufacturing with Oluseun Taiwo, Solideon CEO

June 3, 2024

Oluseun Taiwo began working with Optomec’s take on directed energy deposition (DED), LENS, as a student and later gained experience at Argonne National Laboratory, Rocket Lab, Arconic, Virgin Orbit, and...

3DPOD Episode 200: Joris and Max Wax Philosophic on Five Years of Podcasting

May 27, 2024

So, it has been 200 episodes of the 3DPOD! That is incredible! We really didn’t think it would be this much fun and last this long. We’ve had incredible guests...

Printing Money

Printing Money Episode 19: Q1 Earnings Analysis with Troy Jensen, Cantor Fitzgerald

June 24, 2024

We are back with Episode 19 of Printing Money.  The world does not stop turning. One not-so-profound reminder of that is the quarterly earnings reports of publicly traded companies.  It...

Printing Money Episode 18: The DC Fly-In with Mark Burnham, AddMfgCoalition

May 21, 2024

It’s only been a week since the previous show, but Printing Money is back already with Episode 18. Certain events call for Printing Money’s coverage, and the recent 2nd Annual...

Printing Money Episode 17: Recent 3D Printing Deals, with Alex Kingsbury

May 15, 2024

Printing Money is back with Episode 17!  Our host, NewCap Partners‘ Danny Piper, is joined by Alex Kingsbury for this episode, so you can prepare yourself for smart coverage laced...

Printing Money Episode 16: Q4 Earnings Analysis with Troy Jensen, Cantor Fitzgerald

April 1, 2024

The Q4 earnings season is a wrap, and to put a bow on it here is Episode 16 of Printing Money, with Troy Jensen (Cantor Fitzgerald) returning to join Danny...

Printing Money Episode 15: 3D Printing Markets & Deals, with AM Research and AMPOWER

February 26, 2024

Printing Money returns with Episode 15! This month, NewCap Partners‘ Danny Piper is joined by Scott Dunham, Executive Vice President of Research at Additive Manufacturing (AM) Research, and Matthias Schmidt-Lehr,...

Printing Money Live at AMS 2024: Riding the Financial Wave

February 9, 2024

In 3D printing, the ride has been anything but smooth. During a panel discussion at the Additive Manufacturing Strategies (AMS) 2024 event, industry insiders took a trip down memory lane,...

Printing Money Episode 14: Manufacturing Markets and 3D Printing Deals, with AMT’s Chris Chidzik & Dayton Horvath

January 25, 2024

For Printing Money’s first episode in 2024, Danny is joined by returning guest Dayton Horvath, Director of Emerging Technology at AMT, and by Dayton’s colleague, Chris Chidzik, Principal Economist at AMT. ...

Printing Money Episode 13: Recent 3D Printing Transactions with Arno Held, AM Ventures

December 20, 2023

Happy holidays to our esteemed Printing Money listeners. Alex re-joins for this episode, and we also welcome back Arno Held from AM Ventures. There have been a number of thought provoking 3DP/AM transactions...

Printing Money Episode 12: Q3 2023 Earnings Reports with Troy Jensen, Cantor Fitzgerald

December 11, 2023

Episode 12 of Printing Money brings with it a slightly different approach, as Alex Kingsbury sits this one out while Danny runs the show.  Equity research analyst Troy Jensen, now of Cantor...

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March 16, 2022

IMPERIAL: 3D printing’s new dimension ESA’s new IMPERIAL 3D printer can print parts much larger than itself, overcoming one of the main constraints of the process – limited build volume….

Embedding Invisible Codes in Objects for Augmented Reality

Embedding Invisible Codes in Objects for Augmented Reality

February 23, 2022

InfraredTags is a system for fabricating objects with embedded codes that are only visible to infrared cameras. These codes can be used for purposes such as metadata or interaction with…

3D-printed Homes by ICON | Austin, TX | Developer 3Strands

3D-printed Homes by ICON | Austin, TX | Developer 3Strands

February 23, 2022

3D-printed homes continue to hit the Austin real estate market. This multi-home mainstream housing development in East Austin leverages ICON’s proprietary 3D printing technology to construct safer, more resilient homes…

Printing tiny, high-precision objects in a matter of seconds

Printing tiny, high-precision objects in a matter of seconds

February 23, 2022

Researchers at EPFL have developed a new, high-precision method for 3D-printing small, soft objects. The process, which takes less than 30 seconds from start to finish, has potential applications in…

Navy 3D Prints First Submersible Hull

Navy 3D Prints First Submersible Hull

February 16, 2022

The U.S. Navy partnered with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to 3D print its first submersible that could be used to deploy logistics capabilities and sensors. — Subscribe so you don’t…



February 16, 2022

Helios™ PEEK 2005 is a unique composite material developed by Roboze to increase the mechanical, thermal and surface finish characteristics of PEEK printed parts. Reinforced with chopped fibers of ceramic,…

4 Story 3D Printer Will Print HUGE Buildings | Black Buffalo 3D

4 Story 3D Printer Will Print HUGE Buildings | Black Buffalo 3D

February 9, 2022

The Construction Revolution is here and building may never be the same! Here’s an exclusive first look at their MASSIVE concrete 3D printer in New Jersey. Signup for the Virtual…