Will Formlabs Merge with Markforged? — Dream 3D Printing Mergers and Acquisitions

In a surprising social media post, Greg Mark, founder and former CEO of Markforged (NYSE: MKFG), suggested that Formlabs merge with what was once his company. Moreover, Mark had negative…

Oerlikon to Consolidate 3D Printing Operations into the U.S.

The rearranging of supply chains is developing in an interesting way, as corporate conglomerates establish the necessary hubs for their manufacturing operations. One trend that is particularly unique is that…


Timing Investments in the 3D Printing Industry: A Look at 10xDNA Capital Partners

In an age where the speed of technological advancements mean a constant reshaping of the business landscape, investment strategies too must evolve. 10xDNA Capital Partners (10xDNA), an investment fund based…

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