Printing Money Episode 17: Recent 3D Printing Deals, with Alex Kingsbury


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Printing Money is back with Episode 17!  Our host, NewCap Partners‘ Danny Piper, is joined by Alex Kingsbury for this episode, so you can prepare yourself for smart coverage laced with witty banter. Alex and Danny discuss reseller market consolidation, muse and lament about recent venture capital (VC)-funded outcomes, and talk strategic divestments. Because the last couple of episodes were focused on public company earnings and market data, there were a lot of VC and investment deals to discuss on this episode!  See the timestamps below for all of the companies we cover, and please enjoy Episode 17.


00:15 – Welcome to our guest, Alex Kingsbury

00:45 – LPBF trends from Alex’s perspective

02:11 – Designers in Europe, Users in North America

04:24 – Sandvik acquires CIMQUEST

07:57 – MatterHackers acquires Source Graphics ; consolidates Formlabs market share

09 :30 – Holo acquired by Green Group Industries (a Tinicum company)

11:15 – Sintratec files for bankruptcy

11:27 – Unintended outcomes in venture funded companies

14:29 – A different breed of founders, a different breed of investors

15:20 – Prodways sells Solidscape wax printer division to unnamed investor

17:08 – Magnus Metals raises $74M Series B for digital casting

20:10 – More on casting: Foundry Lab, Skuld, Eagle Engineered Solutions (Beehive), et al.

22:29 – From running shoes to aerospace parts: Arris Composites raises $34M led by Bosch Ventures and Zebra Ventures

26:03 – Equispheres closes $39.9M Series B plus $17M nondilutive grants

29:03 – Velo3D (VLD) raises $12M on secondary offering

29:59 – AML3D raises A$3.9M (US $2.6M) for Ohio expansion

30:50 – Supporting the defense industrial base: BlueForge Alliance, ASTRO America, et al.

33:45 – Sodick invests in Prima Additive

35:12 – Firestorm Labs raises $12.5M to automate drone production including from Lockheed Ventures

37:21 – Q5D raises $3.5M from Lockheed and others for automated wire harness manufacturing

39:06 – Fluent Metal raises $5.5M

40:34 – Diagon raises $5.1M for equipment sourcing software (A must listen for Harry Potter fans!)

42:45 – Luminary Cloud raises $115M for CAE (Computer Aided Engineering)

43:56 – Carcinotech raises GBP 4.2M to fight cancer with 3D printed tumor models

44:53 – DR Horton invests in Apis Cor

45:59 – So long for now, but stay tuned for Episode 18 coming soon!

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