Printing Money Episode 6: Recent 3D Printing Market Activity, with Dayton Horvath, AMT

Metal AM Markets

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Dayton Horvath, director of Emerging Technology at the Association of Manufacturing Technology, joins Alex and Danny for a look at the public and private markets in 3D printing. Starting with the 3D Systems bid for Stratasys, the trio recap what has led to this most recent bid and weigh up the different outcomes for Stratasys.

Two personalised implant companies are also up for discussion in this episode, with OSSIS being acquired by Zimmer Biomet and Restor3D crowd funding their latest raise. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a popular field of investment in an environment of shrinking capital, and 3D printing has several AI-based start-ups attracting funding recently, including Ai Build, 3DSpark, and Voxel. A number of bigger funding rounds were seen coming out of the Boston innovation ecosystem, with Alloy Enterprises, Fortify, and Boston Micro Fabrication all closing big rounds. Finally, some investment from Mitsubishi Electric in an intriguing Japanese start-up shows signs of the Japanese investment community gearing up commitment to 3d printing technologies. See the timestamped outline below:

Intro: Welcome Dayton Horvath from AMT

3.30: Investment trends in additive manufacturing

5.25: Sales trends in Q1, 2023

7.30: Geographic split in markets

8.35: 3D Systems makes unsolicited bid for Stratasys

20.30: Zimmer Biomet acquired OSSIS

29.00: Solid Solutions acquires 3DPRINTUK and 3DVerkstan

31.25: VC investment in artificial intelligence in the 3d printing industry

32.43: AI investment 1 – Ai Build

36.15: AI investment 2 – 3D Spark

38.07: AI investment 3 – Restor3D

39.05: AI investment 4 – Voxel

40.40: Alloy Enterprises Series A

45.28: Fortify joint strategic investment

47.55: Boston Micro Fabrication closes Series D

48.30: Elephantech and Mitsubishi Electric/ME Innovation Fund

52.15: Thanks to Dayton Horvath and Redondo Union High Schoolers!

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