Printing Money Episode 10: Ric Fulop, Desktop Metal (Special Bonus Episode)


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In this bonus episode, Alex and Danny interview Ric Fulop, co-founder and CEO of Desktop Metal. Desktop Metal has recently concluded merger talks with Stratasys after a shareholder vote led to a termination of the deal. In this interview, Ric dives into his motivations for the merger, and shares much of the background context on Desktop Metal’s history with Stratasys, plus other players such as Nano Dimension and 3D Systems. Additionally, Alex and Danny dive into some of the history around Desktop Metal, Ric’s move from VC back into the entrepreneurial world, his thesis for forming Desktop Metal, motivations for the SPAC, and the acquisition strategy thereafter.


0.00: Intros


3.56: Ric’s background and DM’s history


11.20: Development and launch of DMs Production System


15.45: Ric’s move from VC to Founder


17.50: DMs fundraising prior to their SPAC


22.05: The reasons DM listed via a SPAC


26.45: DM’s acquisition strategy and early talks with ExOne


28.07: DMs initial offer to acquire Stratasys in January 2021


31.26: DM’s acquisition of EnvisionTEC and Adaptive3D


34.39: Nano Dimension’s offers to acquire Desktop Metal


38.25: 3D Systems offers put to Stratasys


39.14: Termination of merger with Desktop Metal and Stratasys


40.55: Did Stratasys shareholders make the wrong decision?


45.17: Latest DM financials and cost savings


48.35: Integration strategy of DM of the acquired companies


51.55: What will Nano Dimension, 3D Systems and Stratasys do next?


54.32: Potential for another Desktop Metal merger in future?


55.50: Any future Desktop Metal acquisitions?


57.55: Wrap-up


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