3DPOD Episode 116: Resin 3D Printing with polySpectra CEO Raymond Weitekamp


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Raymond Weitekamp’s research at the California Institute of Technology was the basis for a new way to 3D print resin. Now, Weitekamp’s trying to commercialize the technology via a startup called polySpectra. Using existing vat polymerization machines, the company can release unique 3D printing materials with functional properties that can withstand real-world conditions.

Rather than sell a machine and resin together, or partner with a single vendor, polySpectra is trying to sell its materials to the emerging “open materials” space, in which customers can use machines with the materials of their choice. Raymond’s path is one that will help others in producing more end-use parts with vat polymerization. Will this startup enable the creation of new disruptive parts that will shape the future of 3D printing?

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