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Twice monthly original PRO industry commentary covering critical additive manufacturing business topics. Must read insight and analysis from SmarTech EVP Research Scott Dunham and VP Consulting Joris Peels.

Each PRO research article includes incisive and granular analysis beyond the up-to-the-minute news that 3DPrint.com already offers.

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The History of 3D Printing in Japan

Japan has long held a leading position in global manufacturing and is celebrated for its unparalleled quality control and cutting-edge technologies. Although its achievements in traditional manufacturing are widely acknowledged,…

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Entering Asia with Your 3D Printing Business

Asia, a diverse and dynamic market, has emerged as a fertile ground for additive manufacturing (AM). With a market size that continues to expand, the region offers unparalleled opportunities for…


How Can 3D Printing Impact the Semiconductor Supply Chain?

Just as AM as a whole is being used as a tool to ensure more flexible, sustainable supply chains, 3D printing will be used to do the same for microchip…

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How Has the Microchip Shortage Impacted the 3D Printing Supply Chain?

It’s no secret that issues related to the semiconductor supply chain have impacted industry globally, including the additive manufacturing (AM) sector. The exact effect on AM has yet to be…


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