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Twice monthly original PRO industry commentary covering critical additive manufacturing business topics. Must read insight and analysis from SmarTech EVP Research Scott Dunham and VP Consulting Joris Peels.

Each PRO research article includes incisive and granular analysis beyond the up-to-the-minute news that 3DPrint.com already offers.

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Design for Disruption: 3D Printed Spares and MRO

If we want to make millions of parts or make millions from parts, we will have to disrupt existing production with additive manufacturing (AM). In order to do that, we…

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Who Will Be the First Billion Dollar Additive Manufacturing Company?

Earlier in the year, SmarTech Analysis co-hosted an online-only event with Stifel where some of the most notable leaders in additive manufacturing got together for an investment strategies panel in…

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Prusa Debuts Automated 3D Printing Farm: Implications & Analysis

Prusa Research announced that it is launching an automated print farm at Expo 2020 Dubai. Prusa Research is Josef Prusa’s firm, which has developed the most prevalent 3D printer line…


How Additive Manufacturing is Quietly Revolutionizing the Defense Industry

During the inaugural AM Investment Strategies summit, which was held virtually this September, I was fortunate enough to speak on a panel of industry leaders about trends in additive manufacturing…


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