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The Construction Revolution is here and building may never be the same! Here's an exclusive first look at their MASSIVE concrete 3D printer in New Jersey. Signup for the Virtual Village of 3D Printed Houses & check out the FREE DEMO While visiting, Peter was kind enough to show us around the printer and facility. This video is just an introduction to the tech they have and the general direction of their goals. Monday I will release the footage from inside the facility and interviews with the team members responsible for operating the printer and pump including a very knowledgeable MIT graduate Ben who goes deep into the details of various pumping systems they have experimented with. I have to commend the openness and transparency thriving in the Black Buffalo company culture. The whole team seems eager to be working on this 3D printed construction technology and they have many great resources at their disposal. Before I arrived they had 3d printed a tiny house and while I was there they printed the start of another identical model. Peter explains how every 7 layers or so they switch something up whether it be the mix, the speed, the pump or even the extruder setup. By thoroughly experimenting with all the variations of print settings they will optimize their system. As with the other companies I cover, Black Buffalo is constantly learning and improving at an incredible pace. Check out the Black Buffalo Website My Website Book a call with me

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