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3DPrint.com is a news organization dedicated to bringing you up to date on all the latest news from the 3D printing industry. We source and share the latest news and additive manufacturing industry stories through investigative reporting, interviews, and on-the-ground experiences through conferences, site visits, and hands-on information. Our professional team of writers are experienced and dedicated to their work. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or news tips, please feel free to contact us.

You may contact any of our team below via email addresses linked to each name.

jorisJoris Peels – Editor-in-Chief of 3DPrint.com. Joris Peels is a Netherlands-based 3D printing consultant working on strategy, business development and marketing in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. Joris mostly does technical due diligence, market research and competitive analysis for consultants, analysts, multinationals, VC’s, PE and hedge funds. He’s worked in 3D printing for over ten years for Shapeways, Materialise, Formlabs, Ultimaker, MakePrintable, Hewlett Packard and many others. Joris lives, eats, sleeps and dreams 3D Printing and tries to give a dose of realism and truth to the hype surrounding 3D printing. At the moment Joris is obsessed with PEEK, PEKK, PPA, Ultem, Hastelloy, ASA, ceramics, reducing part count and manufacturing end-use parts using 3D printing. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Articles authored by Joris.


fullsizerenderSarah Saunders – Staff Writer. Sarah is a proud, lifelong resident of Dayton, OH and earned her BA in English, with a Minor in Theatre, from Muskingum College (now University). While her career has taken her many places (TV production, engineering, mortgage lending), words have always been at the forefront. She is thrilled to now call herself a full-time writer, and loves learning about all of the new advances in the ever-growing and changing world of 3D printing. She enjoys volunteering and working in local theatre, going to the occasional writing workshop, all things nerd (but especially Harry Potter), and is a proud member of not one, but two, book clubs. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.
Articles authored by Sarah.

bridgetBridget O’Neal – Bridget is thrilled to be living in southern Colorado (since 2015) and is enjoying exploring the west. Bridget graduated from North Carolina State University with a BA in English, with a concentration in writing and editing, and a minor in studio art and art history. She did her senior writing internship at the SAS Institute, and then went on to become a technical writer, as well as a proofreader and book editor for Duke University Press. She also has a paralegal certificate from Duke University with a specialty in criminal and business law. Bridget is passionate about mothering her three precocious children who love to 3D print as much as possible. She even enjoys writing in her free time, as well as staying up to date on all sorts of technology and innovation, and anything to do with business concepts and success. When not typing away feverishly, she can usually be found outdoors with her family, wandering in the woods and hiking meandering trails near her mountain cabin just outside of Denver.
Articles authored by Bridget

Guest & Previous Writers

Clare Scott – Staff Writer and Editor. A writer and editor based in Cleveland, Ohio, Clare received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Hiram College and a Master of Arts in Theatre from University College Dublin in Ireland. She has worked in several area theatres, both on and offstage, and spent several years as an investigator for a background screening firm. She also enjoys art, reading, world travel and exploring the outdoors. Clare believes that one should learn something new every day, and is thrilled to be working in such a dynamic, always-changing field. She also writes and edits as a freelancer. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.
Articles authored by Clare.

Hannah Rose Mendoza – Received her MFA in Design from Florida State University and her BA in Art History from Rutgers University. For the last decade she has been a professor of design with particular interest in history, theory, and criticism. She is a photographer, writer, philosopher, and maker who, given a few minutes, can find interesting things anywhere. Her work can be seen at Photogirafika.
Articles authored by Hannah.

Michael A. Parker – Michael A. Parker is a 3D printing polyglot. He graduated from NYU with an M.S. in Digital Imaging and Design in 2013 with a concentration in 3D modeling. Mike designed a full body 3D scanning system for iMakr NY, a 3D printer store in New York’s LES. He currently designs fashion and accessories using his Plex Tiles, a modular 3D printed textile system for FDM printing. Mike also teaches STEAM/3D printing courses to students of all ages through Dimension Learning. His students competed in the Creative Challenge in 3D Printing (CC3DP), a citywide competition for 3rd-8th grade students in NYC. Mike was a panelist on  biomedical 3D printing at Techweek NY 2015 and presented at the MakerBot factory as part of the ‘Meet the Maker’ series. He’s also a game artist and was a participant in the invite-only Playstation Mobile Game Jam at IndieCade East 2013. He received 3 honorable mentions in Writers of the Future for his short science fiction, and is a member of the writers’ group Writers of the Weird. You can find him on LinkedIn and on Instagram @Michael_A_Parker and Twitter @MichaelA_Parker.
Articles authored by Michael.

Rich Wetzel – Rich Wetzel was born and raised in Youngstown, OH and is proud to live in one of the densest regions in the country for 3D printing innovation, research, and education. He studied international business and entrepreneurship at Youngstown State University, where he was first introduced to 3D printing. Rich is the Co-Founder and CEO of Freshmade 3D and works with customers to provide advanced manufacturing solutions using digital design tools and 3D printing processes. Prior to launching Freshmade 3D, Rich was the Additive Manufacturing Coordinator for the Youngstown Business Incubator, the #1 ranked University Affiliated Business Incubator in the nation in 2015. He also has experience working at MakerBot in New York City and consulting with 3D printing-based startups. Be sure to check out his LinkedIn profile.
Articles authored by Rich.

Scott J. Grunewald – Scott is a writer and artist living in Los Angeles who writes about art, technology, business, social issues and the ensuing chaos when they inevitably intersect. Scott studied writing and English in college, and has been a working writer since 1999. He was one of the founding members of PopImage, a now defunct comic book focused webzine and served as both the Editor in Chief and Publisher. Currently he has been writing almost exclusively for the 3D printing industry, as a writer for 3DPrint.com. He still occasionally writes about pop culture on his blog NerdyThingsThatDontSuck.com. He can be found on throughout the interwebs on Twitter @SJGrunewald and on Linkedin. This isn’t the greatest bio in the world, this is just a tribute.
Articles authored by Scott.

John Hauer – John is the Founder and CEO of Get3DSmart, a consulting practice which helps large companies understand and capitalize on opportunities with 3D printing. Prior to that, John co-founded and served as the CEO of 3DLT. The company worked with retailers and their suppliers, helping them sell 3D printable products, online and in-store. Prior to 3D printing, John spent 25 years in the 2D printing business, working for Xerox (twice!) and several large commercial printing companies. He helped the industry “go digital” by developing web-to-print software and other workflow solutions that transformed the industry. John’s original content has been featured on TechCrunch, QZ.com, Techfaster.com, 3DPrint.com and Inside3DP.com, among others. Follow him on Twitter at @Get3DJohn.
Articles authored by John.

Eddie Krassenstein – 3DPrint.com and 3DPrintBoard.com Co-Founder. Eddie graduated with honors in Economics from Rutgers University, in Piscataway, New Jersey. He has over a decade of writing experience on technology related topics, and has previously written for OnLiveFans.com. Eddie now resides in Cape Coral, Florida. Be sure to visit his LinkedIn profile.
Articles authored by Eddie.

Brian Krassenstein3DPrint.com and 3DPrintBoard.com Co-Founder. Brian graduated from Rutgers University, and has over 15 years of journalism experience. Brian now resides in Cape Coral, Florida. Be sure to visit his LinkedIn profile.
Articles authored by Brian.

Sarah Goehrke –  Editor-in-Chief, September 2015 – July 2018. Hails from Cleveland, OH. Sarah ran content operations for the site, leading our writing, interviewing, editing, and publishing efforts, traveling regularly to conferences, media events, and site tours around the US and internationally to see first-hand and report back on the latest in 3D printing tech. Prior to starting here at 3DPrint.com as an editor in 2014, she spent six years in a cube working in industry research as a managing editor and authoring several studies as a research analyst at The Freedonia Group. She also writes poetry and short fiction, freelances as a book editor, acts in and directs plays in local theatres, and is an ordained officiant performing wedding ceremonies in the state of Ohio. Sarah earned her BA summa cum laude in English and Theatre, with a Spanish minor, from Muskingum College (now University). She welcomes connections on LinkedIn and on Twitter.
Articles authored by Sarah

William (Bill) J. Cass, Esq. – An accomplished attorney, Bill’s diverse practice includes intellectual property, IP litigation, and products liability litigation. For nearly 30 years, he has tried cases in state and federal courts involving technology. As Co-Chair of Cantor Colburn’s Litigation Department for the last 15 years, he combines his extensive trial experience with his engineering education to present technically complex matters to judges and juries. He has also tried matters before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. His cases involve complex technology, including medical devices, circuitry, mechanical engineering, material science, chemistry, and computer software. He defended Faro Technologies (Nasdaq:FARO) in a two-week patent infringement jury trial in an action brought by Nikon Metrology N.V. in Federal Court in Boston involving laser scanners. Bill was recently retained in the Springfield, Massachusetts gas explosion case (which destroyed several buildings). Bill holds a mechanical engineering degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where he concentrated in robotics. He is also a certified flight instructor (CFI), holds a commercial multi-engine instrument rating, a Cessna Citation 500 Series Jet SIC rating, and advises clients in aviation-related matters. Bill has spoken on topics concerning additive manufacturing, intellectual property, and products liability internationally at EuroMold, IVA Sweden, RAPID (SME), and also at a White House Symposium on Additive Manufacturing. Bill is also an inventor on a patent involving electronic controls.
Articles authored by Bill.

Davide Sher – Born in Milan, Italy, Davide received his higher education in New York, moving back to Italy at age 26 to work as an editor for a video game industry trade magazine. Following the market’s shift toward new business models, Davide worked for YouTech, then freelancing with many of Italy’s main generalist publications, and eventually landing in 3D printing, swept away by this technology (the ancestor of Star Trek‘s replicator!). Davide started his own 3D printing blog, IL REPLICATORE, which has now evolved into a full industry news website. Davide has also created 3Dprintingbusiness.directory, the largest global listing of 3D printing companies, with over 2,700 companies present, and works as a consultant for many companies in the 3D printing industry, and is a founding member of the Italian Digital Biomanufacturing Network (IDBN.org). You can read more about Davide on his website.
Articles authored by Davide.

Kirby Downey – Kirby Downey is a product designer from South Africa, currently based in London. He is an expert in Solidworks and 3D printing. Most of his creations are replicas from games and movies but he has a knack for mechanical and moving objects. Kirby enjoys talking reading and teaching others about design and 3D printing. It’s a passion of his and one he is aiming to share around the world. You can find Kirby on Twitter @KJDesigns365, on YouTube and his website.
Articles authored by Kirby.

Siddharth Wadehra – Siddharth is an innovations consultant and is really excited about the emerging role of 3D printing in healthcare. Presently based out of Dubai which happens to be the epicenter of a lot of action around Additive Manufacturing, Siddharth manages innovation initiatives for one of the largest healthcare players in the region. He has worked across industries in telecom, IT, internet, retail and now healthcare in diverse geographies like China, India, SE Asia and now the Middle East. His work on 3D printed prosthetics helped him to win the ‘Disruptive innovator award- healthcare category’ at the Global Innovation Summit-2016. Siddharth is twice the winner of the Peter Drucker Challenge (2012 and 2014) and a finalist at the prestigious MIT Tech Reviews Young Innovators under-35 (India, Class of 2013). He is also the author of the book ‘Asia Incredible’ and is connected to a number of top tier Business Schools as a Visiting faculty. Siddharth holds a degree in Computer Science and Engineering followed by MBA from the Asian Institute of Management, Manila. He loves talking about new ideas and is passionate about evolving enterprise models especially the ones around increasing relevance of 3D printing in our daily lives.
Articles authored by Siddarth.

Michael Shaffer – Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Mike currently works as an Additive Manufacturing Engineer at GE Additive, working to industrialize Additive Manufacturing. Previously, he worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer as part of a GE Healthcare Medical Device venture (Omnyx). Mike enjoys all things 3D printing and technology and is always looking to connect and grow his network. Mike holds both a B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Robert Morris University and the University of Pittsburgh, respectively. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.
Articles authored by Mike.

Joseph Young – Joseph Young is a journalist and entrepreneur based in Hong Kong. He has worked for reputable venture capital firms, media companies, consulting firms and various research groups in the technology and cryptocurrency industries. Currently, he contributes to cryptocurrency, fintech, and technology media companies.
Articles authored by Joseph.

Tyler Koslow –  Tyler has, in addition to freelancing for 3DPrint.com, also produced content for publications and companies such as Dell, Brooklyn Magazine, and Equity Arcade. His content is focused on a wide range of topics including emerging technologies, gaming, music and culture. Tyler is also a habitual instrument player, tech nerd, a writer of fiction, and generally all-around fun haver. Tyler received a Bachelor’s degree studying English-Creative Writing at the University of Central Florida in 2008. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.
Articles authored by Tyler.

Michelle Matisons – A freelance journalist writing about education, criminal justice, technology, and other current issues and affairs.  Having grown up in the Midwest, she attended college and graduate school on the East Coast and lived for several years in California before finally making Florida’s Gulf Coast her home.
Articles authored by Michelle.

Debra Thimmesch – Originally from the Midwest, Debra resides in New York City and works as a freelance writer who is well-versed in a variety of topics, including the visual and performing arts, culture, international travel, science, emerging technologies, social issues, and politics. An Art Historian who performed her doctoral work at the University of Kansas and specialized in European Modernism, she has taught college-level art history courses for over ten years.
Articles authored by Debra.

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