The additive manufacturing (AM) sector generated $13.5B in 2022, according to SmarTech Analysis. To help investors, enterprises, and decision-makers understand and tap into the potential of this rapidly growing industry, there is 3DPrint.com: the leading source for actionable intelligence related to 3D printing technology and the larger AM industry.

By covering breaking stories via investigative journalism, interviews, and on-the-ground reporting, 3DPrint.com provides access to knowledge from industry insiders as the news happens. Its sibling company, SmarTech Analysis, offers the most accurate data in AM, broken into key verticals—from aerospace and automotive to medical and dental 3D printing—and segments, including 3D printing hardware, software, materials, services and more.

Together, the two brands generate unprecedented knowledge about 3D printing in terms of up-to-date analysis and global industry data, which culminates annually in the duo’s shared Additive Manufacturing Strategies summit.

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