Student Calls ISS to Discuss His Design After Astronauts 3D Print It in Space

We tend to dismiss distances these days as we can easily make phone calls halfway around the world and the internet has put down roots nearly everywhere. There is, however,…

It’s 2050: What’s for Dinner on Mars? Help Decide & Enter Your 3D Model in the Star Trek Replicator Challenge!

How many of you remember whiling away luxurious moments in front of the television during early evenings or on weekends, watching re-runs of Star Trek? What an incredible escape, traveling…

Kids! Enter the Star Trek Replicator Challenge and 3D Design Food-Related Objects for Space in 2050!

The love of the science fiction genre can be lifelong, with many fans beginning their avowed obsessions as early as preschool and elementary school. This obsession is not only harmless,…

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