3D Printing Webinar and Event Roundup: June 12, 2022

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We have another busy week of webinars and events, starting with an international conference on powder metallurgy. In addition, Stratasys is continuing its Experience Tour, TriMech will discussing managing data in the cloud, HP is offering another one of its popular virtual tours, America Makes is holding a workshop for members, Formlabs will offer a demonstration of its Form 3+, and much more. Read on for all the details!

June 12 – 15: PowderMet2022 & AMPM2022

First up, from June 12-15 at the Hyatt Regency in Portland, Oregon, PowderMet2022, the International Conference on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials, will be taking place, co-located with AMPM2022, the Additive Manufacturing with Powder Metallurgy Conference; both are sponsored by the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) and APMI International. There will be more than 200 high-level technical presentations from industry experts around the world on particulate materials, powder metallurgy, and metal 3D printing, in addition to a large tradeshow floor with over 100 booths, including one by 3DEO, and industry networking events like the PM Evening Alehouse.

“The Metal Powder Industries Federation is a federation of six trade associations representing various aspects of powder metallurgy (PM), metal powders, and particulate materials. Our mission is to advance the interests of the metal powder producing and consuming industries.”

You can register for PowderMet2022 and AMPM2022 here.

June 13, 14, 16, & 17: The Experience Stratasys Tour Continues

Stratasys continues its Experience Tour in Wisconsin this week, with a stop at the Startup Hub in Green Bay on Monday the 13th, hosted by AdvancedTek. CATI will host on the 14th at Fox Valley Technical in Oshkosh, and AdvancedTek hosts again on the 16th at the UW Madison Engineering Mall. Finally, on Thursday the 17th, Stratasys heads to Milwaukee for a stop hosted by CATI at the Eagle Park Brewery.

“Our mobile showroom offers a local, convenient way for you to talk with 3D printing experts and see the latest 3D printers, materials and solutions from Stratasys. Learn about additive manufacturing services from Stratasys Direct and discover how your organization can benefit from 3D printing applications.”

You can register for the Stratasys Experience Tour here. Stay tuned for more dates and locations in the future!

June 13 – 17: Addit3D

At the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC) in Spain from June 13-17, the sixth edition of Addit3D, the International Additive Manufacturing and 3D Fair, will be taking place as part of the BIEMH-International Machine Tool Biennial. Over 100 firms from 15 different countries have confirmed that they will be attending as exhibitors, including Markforged, with the exhibition area featuring nearly 230 products and services. Exhibitors will be from main sectors like advanced systems, industrial applications, 3D printing services, software, 3D scanners, and training, and sub-sectors like consumables, AM associations and publishing companies, and more.

“Today, additive manufacturing is advancing rapidly and being integrated into traditional production processes. There are therefore major challenges and cross-cutting concepts that encompass all areas of industry. ADDIT3D is thus a combination of exhibition, conferences and a networking space. It also boasts a full programme of content, including the ADDITIVE TALKS to be held on 17 June in the Conference Room in Hall 6. The fair will include in the exhibition area a meeting point where the fair’s exhibitors will give short commercial and technical presentations: Innovation Workshops. The purpose of this space is to establish direct contact with visitors who are seeking bespoke solutions for their manufacturing needs.”

You can register for Addit3D here.

June 13 – 17: Eurosatory 2022

The largest Defence & Security Global Event in Paris, Eurosatory 2022, takes place every two years, and will be held June 13-17 at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center. This international exhibition for land and air defense and security welcomes important defense leaders and stakeholders from around the world, and offers visitors and exhibitors the chance to develop new partnerships and strengthen existing ones, exchange views, and see equipment and systems from international organizations that support defense goals. One of the 1,800 exhibitors is SPEE3D, which will be located at the Team Defence Australia Pavilion.

“Eurosatory is an event that supports the exchange of views about the evolution of Defence and Security between all the players within the global Defence domain. Bringing together key Defence leaders for debate and discussion on Defence and Security matters as well as help strengthen existing and new relationships in the Defence industry. Many conferences are available to attend throughout the exhibition.”

You can register for Eurosatory 2022 here. No badges can be obtained onsite.

June 14 – 16: IME South Shows

From June 14-16 at the Charlotte Convention Center in North Carolina, six different trade shows will share the expo floor during IME South. ATX South focuses on innovations in assembly, 3D printing, and robotic accessories for the purposes of reducing downtime and streamlining operations. D&M South is all about the latest in design engineering, from 3D printing and injection molding to CAD/CAM, software, and more, while MD&M South will focus on medical design and manufacturing, including innovations in biocompatible materials and 3D printing. Plastec South is about next-gen materials, moldings, and manufacturing solutions, and Powder & Bulk Solids (PBS) South features new equipment, processes, and safety solutions for the powder and bulk solids handling and dry processing sector. Finally, SouthPack gives you the opportunity to connect with suppliers offering the latest in packaging technology and labeling equipment.

“From medtech and robotics to packaging, design plastics and processing, our six-in-one design, engineering, and manufacturing event connects you across multiple verticals and industries.”

You can register for any of the IME South shows here.

June 14 – 16: OMTEC 2022

OMTEC 2019

From June 15-16, OMTEC 2022—the Orthopaedic Manufacturing Technology Show—will be taking place at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago. The mission of the expo is to educate, empower, and connect with the people who build orthopedic products. There will be plenty of interesting presentations, as well as networking opportunities, and lots of exhibitors, including 3D Systems. Additionally, Ben Johnson, the company’s VP of Product Portfolio and Regulatory, will be participating in a panel discussion on the 15th about how personalized, patient-specific implants can become the norm.

“A loyal contingent of product development, procurement, supply chain, operations, R&D, and C-level attendees as well as business development, regulatory, and QA professionals trust OMTEC to provide access to the people and expertise required to keep their product development initiatives moving forward.”

If you can’t make it to the expo in-person, you can view the livestream here.

June 14: Managing Data on the Cloud with TriMech

TriMech is holding a webinar at 10 am EST on Tuesday the 14th about “Why You Should Manage Your Product Data on the Cloud?” Taught by Wayne White, 3DEXPERIENCE Solutions Consultant, and Alissa Podgorny, 3DEXPERIENCE Product Sales Specialist, attendees will learn how the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can improve productivity, and safely and efficiently safeguard intellectual property, with hardly any IT overhead needed. Topics will include understanding current data management possibilities, IT requirements, the potential of the platform, and more.

“Has your team shied away from a typical on- premise solution or maybe your team is looking to transition to the Cloud? Has your team grown to all parts of the world? With the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, these are now immediate capabilities for your team. Touting all the benefits of Cloud technology, Dassault Systems has spared no expense in creating an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box data management system that can grow with your team.”

You can register for the webinar here.

June 14: SME’s Voices AMplified

SME is holding a Voices AMplified webinar, called “Views from the Top – Perspectives from AM Industry Leaders,” at 2 pm EST on June 14th. Hosted by Senvol President Zach Simkin, the webinar will look at the AM industry’s 30+ year history, and focus on historical perspectives and personal stories and anecdotes from three people who really helped shape the industry into what we see today: Terry Wohlers, the Founder of Wohlers Associates; Brent Stucker, Chief Scientist at 3D Systems; and Jason Jones, the Co-Founder and CEO of Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies. Attendees can expect to gain new perspective on where the AM industry is going, and how they may be affected.

“This webinar will explore the 30+ year additive manufacturing (AM) industry history. It was not that long ago that the AM “industry” was just a handful of folks in a room sharing ideas. Through the hard work and vision of the technology’s early adopters, however, the AM industry has blossomed over the past three decades. We are at a fortunate time in the industry’s history in that most of the industry’s early founders are still around to tell their stories.”

You can register for the webinar here.

June 14: HP Presenting Virtual Tour of 3D Demo Center

HP is holding another virtual tour of its 3D Demo Center, focused on medical devices and equipment, at 2 pm EST on the 14th. During the live tour, attendees will hear about HP’s Multi Jet Fusion workflow, how its end-to-end process is used to print medical and healthcare applications, get some questions answered, and more. HP’s speakers will be Carolina Rubio, 3D Printing Customer Program Manager, and David Johnson, Application Engineer, HP 3D Printing, and they will be joined by Carl Douglass, the CEO and President of DI Labs.

“Discover the latest innovations in healthcare and medical applications.”

You can register for the tour here.

June 14: ASME & 3D Printing High-Performance Plastics

Also at 2 pm EST on the 14th, ASME will have its first webinar of the week, “Selecting 3D Printing Production and High-Performance Plastics.” Applications and print process expert, Marty Johnson, Technical Fellow and Director of Print Process at 3D Systems, will explain how to evaluate AM materials to make sure that your choice best meets the requirements of your specific application. There are over 100 production and high-performance plastics you can use for AM, which can be overwhelming, and Johnson will discuss how to use data sheets to determine the best material, talk about production performance properties for AM materials, and more.

“Marty will explain how to assess the performance and suitability of various materials based on properties like flexural modulus, heat deflection temperature, and elongation at break, as well as longevity and chemical resistance considerations. With the understanding that having data and a base of comparison is critical to informing engineering decisions, Marty will review how ASTM, ISO, USCAR2, and other industry standards apply to AM production and high-performance materials, what data is available, and where to find it.”

You can register for the webinar here.

June 15: America Makes Membership Workshop

On Wednesday, June 15th, America Makes is holding a Membership Model Virtual Workshop at 11 am EST. Registration is free, but required to attend, and the virtual workshop is only for members of America Makes, and will help define what it means to be a member and improving the value of the organization’s membership model. The agenda will include creating a vision board of what a new membership model might look like, and attendees will also work on concept models. All the results will be taken into consideration for the next iteration of the America Makes membership model.

“During this workshop, members will engage with activities that will drive the vision for our membership model.

“Participants will be focused on questions regarding membership benefits, the annual cost and terms, and the overall value of America Makes membership.”

Members can register for the workshop here.

June 15: Semiconductor Lithography Equipment

Together, 3D Systems and nTopology are holding a webinar at 11:30 am EST on the 15th about how to “Increase throughput and quality of semiconductor lithography equipment with optimized wafer table thermal management.” Scott Green, Principal Solutions Leader at 3D Systems, will be the speaker for this webinar, and topics will include the benefits of 3D printing to advance the performance of semiconductor capital equipment, how nTopology’s software can help optimize wafer table design and the benefits, how to integrate AM, and more.

During the lithography process, keeping temperatures within milliKelvin (mK) ranges is critical as any system disturbance has an impact at the nanometer scale. Through design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) techniques such as topology optimization software, it is possible to enhance cooling channels and surface patterns, thus dramatically improving surface temperatures and thermal gradients while reducing time constants. With unique designs attainable only with additive manufacturing, it is possible to efficiently dissipate heat, enhance system throughput and accuracy, and improve overall performance.”

You can register for the webinar here.

June 15: ASME on Efficient, Flexible Design Optimization

ASME’s second webinar of the week will be held at 2 pm EST on the 15th, about “Efficient and Flexible Methods for Design Optimization.” This Mechanical Engineering webinar will explore optimization possibilities enabled with COMSOL Multiphysics software. The presenter will be Kristian Ejlebjærg Jensen, COMSOL’s Technology Manager – Optimization, who will discuss efficient and flexible optimization methods in the context of heat transfer, acoustics, structural mechanics, and electromagnetics.

“Simulation and optimization have long been used to develop better products and reduce time to market. These tools provide the foundation for a systematic approach to simulation-led design. Heuristics and application-specific know-how can be formalized and reformulated in objective terms that are stabilized over time.”

You can register for the webinar here.

June 16: Form 3+ Demonstration

Formlabs is hosting a brief, live demonstration of its Form 3+ workflow at 11 am EST on Thursday, June 16th. During the webinar, Joshua Niman, Sales Engineer Lead at Formlabs, will demo the printer setup, available materials, how to remove IPA in the Form Wash, and how to cure the part. Afterwards, he’ll stick around to answer questions about the hardware, materials, and the rest of the Form 3+ ecosystem. Attendees will learn how to prime a Form 3+ for printing, remove parts from the BP2, post-processing, and more.

“Join us for a live overview of the Form 3+, launched earlier this year. We’ll highlight the printer, as well as the Build Platform 2, the Form Wash, and Form Cure.”

You can register for the demo here.

June 16: Calibrating Advanced Material Models with Dassault

Later that day, at 4 pm EST on the 16th, Dassault Systèmes is holding a webinar on “Calibration of Advanced Material Models.” Deepak Patel, SIMULIA Industry Process Consultant, will present about calibrating advanced material models, from both physical and virtual test data, and how they enable complex, physics-based and high fidelity simulations. Highlights of the webinar will include FE-mode calibration, importing material test data and exporting materials for Abaqus simulation, calibrating advanced material models, and more.

“Calibration of advanced material models, from physical or virtual test data, enable complex, physics-based simulations. However, a robust and high fidelity material calibration tool will inevitably increase the fidelity of simulations.”

You can register for the webinar here.

June 17: ASTM Understanding Value of DfAM

Finally, on Friday, July 17th, ASTM is holding a webinar on “Design for AM: Understanding Value” at 10 am EST. Olaf Diegel, an additive manufacturing educator and practitioner, is a professor of AM at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, and will present this webinar. Attendees will learn which AM production factors most affect costs, how to use design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) to add functional value and reduce costs, and more.

“AM is one of the most expensive manufacturing methods in the known universe. Therefore, for it to be usable, it must add enough ‘value’ to overcome those high costs. This talk will focus on the main factors that affect AM cost and how these can be transformed into value adding features. It will demonstrate how a basic understanding of the economics of AM can help companies to design parts in a way that truly take advantage of what AM can offer while, at the time, adding enough value to make AM production not only possible, but desirable. It will show real world examples showing how good design for AM practices can transform products that would, otherwise, be uneconomical to produce using AM.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Do you have news to share about any future webinars or virtual and live events? Please let us know!

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