3D Printing Webinar and Event Roundup: December 11, 2022

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We have another busy week of webinars and events for you, starting with ASTM International’s AM Safety Certificate Course. Velo3D continues its roadshow, and HP is holding a virtual tour, along with sponsoring a webinar, and Stratasys will hold two webinars this week. Markforged will discuss designing hybrid parts, 3D Systems will detail innovations from the past year in plastic and metal AM, 3DHEALS will host a panel discussion on 3D printing and microfluidics, and there are several other options as well. Read on for the details!

December 12 – 16: 3D Printing News Unpeeled

Our Executive Editor Joris Peels, who’s also the Vice President of Consulting at SmarTech Analysis, launched a daily news livestream called 3D Printing News Unpeeled. Each weekday at 9:30 am EST, Peels gets on LinkedIn Live and tells us, in 20 minutes or less, what he considers to be the top news stories from the 3D printing industry that day, and why they’re important. Some of the stories in his roundup are ones we’ve covered at, and some are not, but they are all equally interesting and impactful.

The next 3D Printing News Unpeeled livestream will be this Monday, December 12th, at 9:30 am EST, and will continue the rest of the week at the same time. You don’t want to miss it!

December 13 – 14: AM Safety Certificate Course

From December 13-14 this week, ASTM International’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (AMCOE) is holding an AM Safety Certificate Course, “AM Safety Concepts and Best Practices Training Created by Experts.” The course, taught by AMCOE’s Lead Project Engineer Paul Bates, will be held in West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, and will provide knowledge on the general elements you need when setting up an AM facility, as well as the safety issues you need to consider during the life of the AM process, the various regulatory standards and codes applicable to the technology, how to mitigate the risks, and more. Attendees will learn about equipment, materials, facility safety, and personnel, and receive an ASTM E2659-18-compliant certificate at the end.

“The AM CoE’s training is tailored to industry needs and incorporates the latest technological advances and standards to prepare students to take on the current challenges in the field. This course is based on learning and leveraging all the different regulatory standards and codes applicable to AM. It takes proven safety management tools and plugs the AM specific needs into them.”

You can register for the course here.

December 13: AM Materials in Biomechanical Designs

Stratasys will hold its first of two webinars this week, “Evaluating 3D Printed Materials in Biomechanical Designs,” at 12 pm EST on Tuesday, December the 13th. Together with Ido Batan, Product Manager Medical Solutions at Stratasys, biomechanical engineer Oliver Grimaldo Ruiz with the Polytechnic Institute of Torino will discuss his work work developing and testing designs using Stratasys medical 3D printers. The research team investigated several bio-based structures and samples 3D printing using Stratasys materials, and will share their results with attendees.

“The team tested various designs found in nature: such as bamboo structures and structures that mimic tendon functionality. The testing carried out by the team could only be completed on Stratasys machines, which have the capability to produce parts with various hardness within the same print, similar to structures found in nature.”

You can register for the webinar here.

December 13: Mechanical Design Tips & Tricks for 3DEXPERIENCE

Dassault Systèmes products have been used to design many of today’s planes and cars. An ASME webinar at 2 pm EST on the 13th will focus on “3DEXPERIENCE – Mechanical Design Tips and Tricks,” presented by 3DEXPERIENCE Edu Industry Process Senior Consultant Ryan Koehler. The webinar will cover the 3DEXPERIENCE interface and how to connect to it, collaborating using the Platform’s capabilities, sketch entities, tools, and relations, mass properties, feature conditions, reference geometry, materials, inserting components, and much more. Even if you don’t take the basic mechanical design modeling functionality exam that the webinar will discuss, you’ll still learn useful tips to help your design and collaboration process.

“The new generation of cloud products is here to help you with the future of CAD! You can optimize your use of these design tools by preparing for the 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS Associate Exam and then demonstrate your skills by successfully completing the exam. During this webinar, we will discuss the exam as well as tips and tricks to help you get the edge. All Dassault exams are designed for Industry and  a great resume builder.”

You can register for the webinar here.

December 14: Velo3D Roadshow Continues

Velo3D’s last 2022 stop on its “Seeing is Believing” Additive Manufacturing Roadshow will be this Wednesday, December 14th, in Charlotte, North Carolina. From 9 am to 2 pm EST, you can head to the Omni Charlotte Hotel and speak with experts about the company’s integrated metal AM solution, learn how Velo3D helps reduce costs and supply chain risks for specialized parts, find out if it’s the right solution for your application, see real-world examples of 3D printed customer parts, enjoy networking over breakfast and lunch, and more.

“Join us and discover how Velo3D can help unlock seemingly impossible designs, achieve greater part performance, and help provide greater part repeatability and supply chain flexibility.”

You can register for the roadshow stop here.

December 14: Designing Hybrid Parts with Markforged

At 10 am EST on the 14th, you can check out a webinar about how to “Design Hybrid Parts with Markforged.” Attendees will hear from Pete Schulte, Markforged Lead Application Engineer, about what hybrid parts are, how you can design for them, and when they’re the most useful.

“Hybrid parts are when you combine multiple parts together to get the properties of everything you may need to utilize 3D printing for applications that may have not been possible before.”

You can register for the webinar here.

December 14: HP’s 3D Printing Labs & Demo Center Virtual Tour

Continuing with the December 14th webinars, you can join HP on a “Virtual Tour of the HP 3D Printing Labs & Demo Center: Packaging Machinery Edition” at 11 am EST. During the live tour, attendees will learn how HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology works, discover which packaging applications are good for AM, hear about a packaging line engineer’s firsthand experience with MJF 3D printed parts, have their questions answered, and more.

“During this 90-min session, you will learn how packaging companies are using the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology to produce operational components in-house to reduce costs, downtime, and reliance on outside vendors.”

You can register for the virtual tour here.

December 14: Achieving Mass Customization with HP’s 3D Printing

In its second online offering this week, HP is sponsoring a webinar right after the virtual tour, at 11:30 am EST, on “Achieving Mass Customization Through 3D Printing – The Smith Snow Goggle Story.” Attendees will hear how Smith Optics—the global snow goggles leader—designed a fast, simple workflow, using facial scanning and 3D printing, that allows its customers to enjoy personalized snow goggles, customized to each individual’s face. Its snow goggles were recently named one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2022, and attendees will hear about the benefits of using 3D printing to address customer needs for performance equipment from Smith’s Senior Engineering Manager Eric Thorsell and Global Snow Category Manager Tucker Barney, along with HP 3D Printing’s Strategic Accounts Project Manager Clara Remacha, and Leslie Langnau, Editor of Design World.

“Since the invention of the first snow goggle featuring a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam in 1965, Smith has been pioneering dynamic technologies in protective eyewear that enhance experiences while raising the bar for optimized performance for over 57 years. Continuing its legacy of disrupting design and innovation, Smith – the global leader in snow goggles – offers a first-to-market 3D printed snow goggle customized to each snow enthusiast’s face. Mass customization of products through 3D printing is a reality few businesses have been able to realize. Hear Smith’s story.”

You can register for the webinar here.

December 14: America Makes on the 3DPrinterOS 3D Printing Platform

The final Wednesday, December 14th webinar, held at 2 pm EST, is by America Makes on “3DPrinterOS: The World’s Largest Real-Time 3D Printing Platform.” Presented by John Dogru from 3D Engineering Solutions, and the Founder and CEO of 3D Control Systems, the webinar will focus on 3DPrinterOS, which has been called the world’s first operating system for 3D printing.

“The founders invented one of the world’s first 3D printing operating systems, 200k+ users, 2.8M+ parts, 9M+ CAD designs, across 120+ countries with customers like John Deere, Google, MIT, Harvard, CalTech, Berkeley, Bosch, the British Army, US Navy, US Air Force, and NASA.”

You can register for the webinar here.

December 15: ASME on EV Digital Twins

In its second offering of the week, ASME will hold a webinar about “Driving Innovation with Electric Vehicle Digital Twins” at 10 am EST on Thursday, December 15th. Digital twins are being adopted more frequently by the automotive industry as a way to improve operational and strategic decisions, and webinar attendees will hear from executives at Amazon Web Services (AWS) about using the 4-level index to categorize your digital twin, how digital twins can enable a breakdown of boundaries between R&D, operations, and end-of-life to achieve better business outcomes, and more. Representatives from MHP, a Porsche Company, will share their experience developing and deploying Bayesian updatable predictive physics and ML-based hybrid digital twin models to predict the performance of EVs.

“Digital Twins leverage the convergence of at-scale computing, new machine learning methods, spatial computing (3D/AR/VR), and IoT connectivity. MHP and AWS are working together to develop a Digital Twin solution that use the connectivity of modern vehicles to enable entirely new business models. This solution brings the capabilities of Digital Twins to a new level and allows dynamic monitoring, analytics, and optimizations of the corresponding physical entity.”

You can register for the webinar here.

December 15: 2022 Plastics & Metals AM Innovations

3D Systems will recap the product and material innovations from the previous year in “2022 Innovations in Plastics and Metals AM,” at 11 am EST on the 15th. Company experts Sam Green, Principal, Product Marketing, and Paul Miller, Materials Product Marketing Manager, will discuss the process innovations advancing industries like aerospace and defense, transportation, energy, sand casting, and more. Many topics will be covered, including high-speed, large-format production SLA 3D printing, a new generation of copper alloys, efficient batch run production for smaller parts, and more.

“Learn about multiple newly released metal alloys, revolutionary plastic materials, and production-focused machines that kick your manufacturing into high gear.”

You can register for the webinar here.

December 15: 3D Printing & Microfluidics with 3DHEALS

Also at 11 am on the 15th, 3DHEALS will discuss “3D Printing and Microfluidics” in a panel discussion moderated by neuroradiology Dr. Jenny Chen, the Founder and CEO of 3DHEALS. Microfluidics, which often appear as a transparent plastic chip with controlled fluid dynamics and strategically designed channels, are used to control and manipulate fluids, cells, and even organoids at a sub-millimeter scale. The experts speaking on the topic during this discussion are Jan Pal-Goetzen, Founder and CEO of 3D printed microTEC; Paul Marshall, CEO and Co-Founder of Rapid Fluidics; Cory Lambertson, General Manager, Americas, Asiga; Gavin Jeffries, Founder and CTO, Fluicell; and Yang Xu, Postdoctoral Research Associate in UC Berkeley’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

“The concept of “organ-on-a-chip” is the more popular application in the media. The infamous Theranos touted it as its central technology, which is still considered a myth by experts (we will see). However, many biotechnology companies are now employing microfluidics at scale, and its ecosystem is maturing rapidly.  Lately, 3D printing has been both a manufacturing method and an application for microfluidics. Better microfabrication techniques, new biomaterials, and expanded design capabilities add acceleration to its latest growth.”

You can register for the webinar here.

December 15: Additive vs. Traditional Manufacturing “Office Hours”

GoProto and RE3DTECH have joined forces to help others navigate their manufacturing options during an “Office Hours” webinar this Thursday, the 15th at 1 pm EST. Kristin Mulherin, President of AM-Cubed, will moderate the discussion on “Additive vs. Traditional Manufacturing: Which One and When?” between RE3DTECH’s Founder and CCO James Teuber and GoProto’s President and CEO Jesse Lea on Zoom. Both of the processes are useful for producing parts, and attendees will learn which one makes sense even when costs break event, how feature resolution and tolerances compare, the necessary unit part volume considerations, and more.

“We’ll walk through guidelines to help with the decision to 3D print or traditionally manufacture your parts and answer your questions in real-time.”

You can register for the webinar here. There are only 100 spots available, so don’t delay!

December 15: Stratasys on 3D Printing with T40C

The final webinar of the week, also on December 15th, is the second offering from Stratasys. At 2 pm EST, JD Hendrickson, Production Manager at Aria Group, and Stratasys Sr. Strategic Applications Engineer Allen Kreemer will discuss how to “3D Print Bigger, Faster, & Stronger with T40C (Nylon 12CF) Tips,” which are new for industrial FDM F900 and Fortus 900mc printers. Attendees will learn how to leverage T40C tips to print large Nylon 12CF parts faster, understand real-world applications for the material/tip combination, hear from automotive experts how T40C tips can improve ROI, and more. Plus, eligible viewers have the chance to win one T40C model tip and one T20 (SR-110) support lip; winners must be present during the live webinar to be eligible.

“With T40C tips for F900, customers can print large components in Nylon 12CF at 0.020” layer height, which drastically reduces lead time and increases part strength.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Do you have news to share about any future webinars or virtual and live events? Please let us know!

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