3D Printing Webinar and Event Roundup: June 6, 2021


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We’ve got another busy week of webinars and events, both live and online, to tell you about in this week’s roundup! Topics run the gamut from 3D printing aircraft cabin parts and Materialise Mimics software to a new 3D printer, transitioning to a digital workflow for orthotics and prosthetics, and much more. Read on for all the details!

Aircraft Cabin Additive Manufacturing Summit

First up this week is the virtual Red Cabin Aircraft Cabin Additive Manufacturing summit, hosted by Safran and sponsored by Materialise and EOS. In this third edition of the summit, running from Tuesday, June 8th through Thursday, June 10th, experts from the aerospace industry will discuss the latest developments and challenges in additive manufacturing, share their insights, and explore the potential additive manufacturing has in helping achieve peak productivity through reducing costs and waste, optimizing designs, decreasing lead times, and de-risking supply chains. There will be networking opportunities, working groups and panel discussions, keynote speeches, and live Q&A sessions, all on a variety of topics from certifications and simulations to 3D printing collaborations between suppliers, airlines, and manufacturers.

“This summit will be an interactive platform to take the next steps into 3D printing of aircraft cabin interior parts and beyond: Exchange on latest updates of additive manufacturing for cabin interiors, collaborate on part design strategies as well as material and certification challenges and participate in workshops on new opportunities. Now is the perfect time to shape the future for additive manufactured cabin interiors.”

You can register for the summit here.

Solukon’s Inaugural AM User Day

Metal and polymer AM powder removal and processing systems supplier Solukon is holdings its inaugural AM User Day, part of its new bi-annual event series, on Tuesday, June 8th, from 9 am until 5pm CET; however, if you’re tuning in from the Eastern Standard time zone, you’ll want to set your alarm pretty early, as the online event will start at 3 am EST for you. Topics on the table at the event include material solutions, depowdering—including a live demonstration from Solukon—and more.

“The virtual zoom-event will be split in two thematic blocks: In the morning we’re taking a closer look at industrial SERIAL PRODUCTION in AM. In the afternoon we’re covering AM in the high complexity sector MEDTECH.

“Right after the presentations, you will have the chance to connect with the speaker(s). Meet experts from Materials Solutions, EOS, FESTO, Swiss m4m, and Solukon. Or exchange your thoughts in one of the themed discussion rooms with like-minded attendees.

You can register for the event here.

Kickoff for America Makes Open Project Call

From 2-3 pm EST on the 8th, America Makes will be conducting an Open Project Call (OPC) Kick-off, and Rapid Innovation Call (RIC) Informational Webinar, in order to review all of the criteria for its latest OPC and RIC. Its intent is to officially launch an RIC at the beginning of August when future funding opportunities will be available, and America Makes is currently seeking topic submissions by July 2nd. The new OPC is worth $1.6 million in funding from the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, Manufacturing and Industrial Base Technology Division, with a goal of speeding up “the development and deployment of innovative, cost-effective, and energy-efficient additive manufacturing (AM) technologies to meet defense and/or commercial needs.”

“This Open Project Call represents a vast array of topics and opportunities to benefit our membership and our industry at large. As our first OPC of 2021, we are thrilled with the efforts of our Roadmap Advisory and Working Groups for their contributions in identifying, prioritizing, and developing these technology and education and workforce development topics. We also appreciate the provided insightful membership input that helped to further enhance this OPC,” said Brandon D. Ribic, Ph.D., America Makes Technology Director. “I look forward to receiving the quality and innovative responses that we have come to expect from our membership community.”

You can register for the kick-off and webinar here.

Materialise: Automating & Optimizing the Workflow

On Wednesday, June 9th, at 9 am EST, Materialise is holding a virtual Mimics Innovation Course, called “Automating and Optimizing Your Workflow.” Designed for engineers from hospitals and medical technology companies, and university scientists, this free digital training course will explore how to speed up your processes and increase consistency through Mimics’ user-friendly interface, how to automate your workflow to get results faster with less human error and manual work, and where to begin with scripting and best practices. Materialise Medical’s Application Specialist Marnic Jacobs, Product Manager — Custom Plugins Simon Lejaegere, and Application Engineer Arsham Khayatpoor will discuss the link between MIS and automation, custom plugins, AI-enabled segmentation in the cloud, and more.

“Medical image data serves as a powerful information base for doctors, engineers, and researchers who are looking for solutions to improve medical care. The Mimics Innovation Suite was developed with the goal to process medical image data as easily and efficiently as possible.

“In this virtual course you will learn how to speed-up and optimize your workflow thanks to AI tools, custom plugins and scripting (Python).”

You can register for the webinar here.

AM Solutions Starts Live Event Series 

Also at 9 am on the 9th, AM Solutions will begin Inside AM, its six-part live event series in which representatives from companies in different industrial sectors will give a behind-the-scenes look at their operations and discuss their AM applications, experience, visions, and obstacles that still need to be overcome. The interactive live stream events will be accessible from anywhere in the world and conducted in English and will offer valuable information for AM users, in addition to anyone who’s interested in the technology but hasn’t adopted it just yet. Moderated by Georg Schöpf, the editor-in-chief of Additive Fertigung magazine, and broadcast from the new Customer Experience Center of AM Solutions, participants will report on the status of AM in their respective industries and companies, while viewers will have the chance to ask questions live. The guest at this first Inside AM event will be Christoph Hansen, the Director of Technology & Innovation at Sauber Engineering AG, which has used 3D printing multiple times in the past.

“Anybody, who deals with the subject Additive Manufacturing, is probably overwhelmed by reports about the numerous innovative applications of this technology,” said Manuel Laux, Head of AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology, which is a brand of the Rösler Group. “With our interesting interactive event, we, jointly with our guests, want to shine a light on the question ‘Additive Manufacturing changes the world. Is this just a vision or already real?’ and provide information on the actual situation.”

You can register for the first episode here. The subsequent Inside AM live online events will take place once a month, and exact dates and time will be relayed later.

TriMech Provides Intro to DELMIAWORKS 2021

TriMech will explain how Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, can help manufacturing companies manage and integrate the main parts of their business in a brief webinar, “Introduction to DELMIAworks 2021,” at 10 am EST on Wednesday, June 9th. Stephen Petrock, a TriMech Elite Application Engineer, will discuss how ERP by DELMIAworks can help you improve your business, how to configure the system to your business, and why it’s a good choice to gain real-time visibility to the typically disconnected systems in your business, like marketing, sales, quality, and shipping.

“Enterprise Resource Planning or “ERP” is a tool to help companies manage and integrate core components of their business. In this webinar, we will review why DelmiaWorks is the best choice for manufacturing companies.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Riven Demonstrates Quick Re-Scaling Tool

L: Compare-to-CAD results for a first FDM part scanned and processed with Riven’s re-scaling tool to find X,Y,Z re-scaling factors. R: results for a second printed part with re-scaling factors applied before printing.

Recently, Riven introduced a new re-scaling tool that automatically rescales models for 3D printed parts so they more accurately match the as-intended CAD file scaling. This Wednesday the 9th at 1 pm EST, the company’s founder and CTO, James Page, will hold a live demonstration of Riven’s quick re-scaling tool, and how it can save iterations and budget with parts that fit right the first time. During the webinar, “Scale with Scaling Factors,” Page will demonstrate how fast the company’s re-scaling tool can achieve clear results without having to change your 3D printer, as well as how to properly use the Riven Propel scanner and Riven Cloud.

“Recognizing that all 3D printed parts shrink or warp during the printing process, Riven is introducing a new re-scaling tool that makes it easy to print parts more accurately. Riven’s software automatically computes re-scaling factors as compared to the original CAD. All processes, from FDM through metal 3D printing, can be made more accurate with quick 3D re-scaling. Unlike checking limited dimensions with calipers or a CMM, Riven uses a full part capture to compute an optimal solution based on the entire part shape to produce a more accurate result.”

You can register for the demonstration here, and receive Riven’s complete report on its new Scaling Factors feature.

Introduction to RIZE 7XC 3D Printer

Last summer, 3D printer manufacturer RIZE launched its large-format, industrial composite system, the RIZE 7XC, which features dual nozzles for multimaterial printing and higher thermal dimensional stability, and leverages the company’s Rizium composite materials. At 2 pm EST on the 9th for the Americas, and 12 pm GMT on the 10th for Europe and Asia, RIZE will hold a webinar, “Introducing RIZE 7XC – Expanding What’s Possible with Composite 3D Printing.” Attendees will have a chance to see one of the company’s in-house expert engineers demonstrate “the 7XC’s ease-of-use and impressive capabilities,” and learn more about the printer as well.

“Covered topics include:

  • Expanding What’s Possible with Composite 3D PrintingWith a build volume of 370 x 390 x 450 mm (14.6 x 15.4 x 17.7 in), Rize 7XC offers superior large-format 3D Printing alongside a multitude of smart and convenient features.

  • Rizium Composite MaterialsLeverage composite materials with higher dimensional stability for reliable and functional large parts. Get started easily with no dry box, no venting and minimal post-processing.

You can register for the webinar here.

AM Coalition on Additive Manufacturing R&D

At 3 pm EST on the 9th, the Additive Manufacturing Coalition is holding a live Zoom technology webinar, “A Research and Development (R&D) Demo and Discussion (D&D) Of Additive Manufacturing.” Mara Hitner with MatterHackers, Inc., Matt Sozio with the Xerox Corporation, Heidi Hertel with Fitz Frames, Inc., and Dr. Allison Beese with Penn State will be discussing the R&D outlook of the future of AM using a demonstration, a use-case example, and a research lab.

“This forum is going to focus on demonstrating Additive Manufacturing production of finished products and explore emerging additive manufacturing technologies. Presentations will include both a small and large business and a university presenting on their work to advance the field.”

You can RSVP for the webinar here.

Dassault’s Webinar Series on MODSIM

The SIMULIA and CATIA teams from Dassault Systèmes are exploring Modeling & Simulation (MODSIM) in a four-part series of panel discussions and webinars. The first and second episodes were held last month, and the third, “Meet the Additive Manufacturing Experts,” will start at 9 am EST this Thursday, June 10th. The five Dassault speakers—Rachel Fu, SIMULIA, Industry Strategic Initiative; Tonya Cole, High Tech, Technical Executive; Vishal Savane, SIMULIA, R&D Roles, Portfolio Engineering Manager; Colin Swearingen, CATIA NAM, Industry Process Consultant; and NC Kishore, DELMIA, Fabrication Senior Portfolio Technical Specialist—will discuss the challenges within the AM industry, and how advanced simulation is being used to address issues of part quality.

“During the third episode of our MODSIM series, Dassault Systèmes experts will discuss how our solutions help address the challenges of Additive Manufacturing.

“Our panelists will share how the digital thread provides traceability of the manufacturing process, as the industry moves toward standardization. We will also discuss how powerful functional generative design tools are accelerating the shift to DFAM or Design for Additive Manufacturing.”

You can register for the third MODSIM episode here.

Materialise Continues Online Hands-On Workshop Series

Materialise is currently hosting a series of hands-on webinar workshops focused on its Mimics software, and how it can be used to help with various cardiac medical procedures, such as Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement (TMVR) and Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion (LAAO). The next two sessions, Mimics Enlight Mitral Workshops on LAAO Planning, will be held at 10 am EST on Thursday, June 20th, each with a maximum capacity of ten attendees.

“Join us to gain firsthand experience in 3D-CT planning for TMVR and LAAO during this online hands-on workshop. You will have the opportunity to use the Mimics Enlight planner and discover the benefits of 3D-CT planning for structural heart interventions. After the workshop, you will receive a three-week evaluation license so you can become a 3D-CT planning expert yourself.”

You can register for the workshop here. The series runs through December.

HP on Using 3D Printing for Orthotics & Prosthetics

At 11 am EST on the 10th, HP is holding the first webinar, “Digitally Enabling Modern Approaches to Orthotics & Prosthetics,” in its series of webinars on O&P. Brent Wright, the CPO of East Point Orthotics, Founder of LifeEnabled, and Co-Founder of Additive America, together with HP3D Application Engineers Dustin Kloempken and Justin Hopkins, will discuss the latest advancements in O&P 3D printing, including pros and cons, and how the technology can improve both patient and practitioner experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Review the state of the industry and learn about current examples in the market today and their impact

  • Learn how 3D printing facilitates device modifications and resizing

You can register for the webinar here.

America Makes Provides AMCPR Program Update

The AMCPR Exchange (Advanced Manufacturing Crisis Production Response) is an extension of the America Makes COVID-19 Response Portal, but augmented to support resilient, rapid prototyping and scalable 3D printing of parts to support several industries. This Thursday the 10th at 1 pm EST, America Makes is holding a webinar that will provide an update on the AMCPR program, sharing important program highlights and successes. It will also include a “deep dive into Scenario Testing and the launch of the AMCPR Exchange.”

“The Exchange hosts strategic AM parts for rapid production, acts as a conduit to existing national repositories, and provides a platform for needs requesters to connect with capable designers and manufacturers. The Exchange will formally launch in the coming weeks.”

You can register for the webinar here.

ASME on 3D Printing for Injection Molds

Later that day on the 10th, at 2 pm EST, ASME is holding a webinar, sponsored by Formlabs, called “Leveraging 3D Printing for Short Run Injection Molds.” Kim Olson, an expert injection mold designer and instructor with Moraine Park Technical College, will discuss best practices and key considerations for mold design, material recommendations for fabrication of molds, an example of a mold design and the creation process, how to use a 3D printed mold with a molding machine, and more.

“Injection molding is one of the most widely used manufacturing methods in the world, but milling metal molds can be costly. Printing molds with an SLA 3D printer allows manufacturers to cut costs and achieve super-fast production runs.”

You can register for the webinar here.

SPEE3D Special Event: Expeditionary Cold Spray AM

The final webinar this week, hosted by SPEE3D and organized by The Barnes Global Advisors, will go from 4:30 to 6:30 pm EST on Thursday, June 10th and is called “Expeditionary Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing Event.” SPEE3D co-founders Byron Kennedy, the CEO, and Steven Camilleri, the CTO, will team up with TBGA ADDvisor Rob Carter during the exclusive free online event to discuss how CSAM technology can be used in the field for many applications in the defense, energy, maritime, and oil & gas industries. Additionally, attendees will be privy to a special announcement by SPEE3D during the webinar.

“SPEE3D’s Metal 3D Printing technology is the only large format Metal 3D Printing technology proven field deployable as trialled by the Australian Army.  SPEE3D completed two trials with the Australian Army at the Mount Bundey field training area in 2020.  Testing the WarpSPEE3D Metal 3D Printing technology’s robust operational capability to produce metal parts in harsh environments.  During the trials, RAEME craftsmen designed and manufactured over 50 case studies of genuine Australian Army parts. The success from these trials proved the technology offered Defense forces a reliable manufacturing tool and solution to print low-cost metal parts in just minutes on demand.”

You can register for the happy hour webinar here.

Do you have news to share about any future webinars or virtual and live events? Please let us know!

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