resin removal

PostProcess Releases New DEMI 910 Resin Removal System for Carbon L1 and M2 3D Printers

Coinciding with AMUG 2021, Carbon announced it had partnered with PostProcess Technologies for a resin removal system called the DEMI 910. Now, PostProcess has officially released the DEMI 910, as…

AMUG 2021: PostProcess Technologies and Carbon Partner for Automated Resin Removal in 3D Printing

It has apparently become clear to 3D printer manufacturers that the post-processing firms are big enough now to integrate their finishing technologies can be more directly integrated into their ecosystems….


How Additive Achieves the Next Era of Innovation: Automated Post-Printing

PostProcess Technologies CEO Jeff Mize will be speaking at’s upcoming AMS online industry summit (Feb 9-10, 2021), for which PostProcess is the Automation & Software vertical Sponsor. Register for the…