3D Printing Webinar and Event Roundup: September 19, 2021


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We’ve got another busy week of webinars and events to tell you about! Topics in this week’s roundup run the gamut from 3D digital textures and FDM 3D printing potential to additive manufacturing in aerospace, a new intraoral scanner launch, bioprinting for food, and more. Read on for all the details!

TÜV SÜD Continues Virtual Training Series

This spring, international service corporation TÜV SÜD introduced  a series of virtual training courses focused on additive manufacturing. The seminars, taught in English, will address eight different subjects, including quality and production management, health and safety, process and design validation, industry standards, and more. The first round of these classes has already been completed, and the second round, starting with “Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing,” begins this Tuesday and Wednesday, September 21st and 22nd, at 2 am EST.

“As industrialisation advances in additive manufacturing, the need for specialist expertise is becoming increasingly urgent. In addition, qualifications in this field are often still based on individual solutions, although an integrated approach is the only way to ensure a company’s operations are successful along the entire value chain,” Gregor Reischle, Head of Additive Manufacturing at TÜV SÜD, said back when the classes were first introduced.

TriMech: Design Review in 3DEXPERIENCE with Prototypes

TriMech Application Engineers Chris Duchaine and Chris Mowatt will cover “A Design Review with Virtual Real Prototypes in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform” at 10 am EST on Tuesday the 21st, to explain how SOLIDWORKS and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can allow for uninterrupted work, no matter where various team members are located. By using the 3DEXPERIENCE Connector for SOLIDWORKS, engineers are connected directly to data management tool 3D Space in order to view, share, and control SOLIDWORKS files through a web browser. Duchaine and Mowatt will explain how to get started with 3DEXPERIENCE, how to use SOLIDWORKS Connected, storing and managing files using 3D Space, and more.

“Two of our SOLIDWORKS experts were collaborating on the design of an aftermarket car spoiler, but had their progress interrupted due to COVID-19. Since they were no longer able to work together in their office, they needed a fast and easy solution to continue to share their files and collaborate remotely. Luckily, the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform offered a simple, cloud based solution that has enabled them to continue to use the SOLIDWORKS tools they love while keeping the files they create secure and accessible on the cloud.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Applying 3D Digital Textures with Blender

Also on Tuesday the 21st, HP is sponsoring a webinar titled “Step-by-Step: Learn to Apply 3D Digital Textures with Blender” by Engineering.com at 2 pm EST. 3D Application Engineer Wes Kramer, with HP, will explain to attendees how digital texturing works, criteria for selecting the right texture, how to prepare image texture files for UV mapping, how to customize 3D printed parts and hide print artifacts like layer lines, and more. All registrants who attend the full live webinar will receive a PDH Certificate in their email within 48 hours after completing the webinar.

“Join this webinar focused on tips, tricks, and practical advice about digitally applying 3-Dimensional and color textures to 3D-printed parts and get inspired to implement texturing for your applications!”

You can register for the webinar here.

3rd Edition of AAMS International Business Summit

The third edition of international business summit Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Summit (AAMS) will take place this Wednesday and Thursday, September 22nd and 23rd, at the MEETT Exhibition Center in Toulouse, France. Technology disruptions, like 3D printing, are more important in the aerospace industry than ever, and this event welcomes many of the important players in this sector, including researchers, suppliers, manufacturers, SMEs, and both small and major companies. The first day will be dedicated to panels and keynote presentations on topics including market trends, how to finance investments, the role of the aerospace sector, development of 3D printing, hybrid printing and Factory 4.0, and more, while the second day will feature workshops and pre-programmed BTOB meetings with representatives from companies like Burloak Technologies, Hexagon, Materialise, Siemens Software, and more.

Masks will be mandatory, hand sanitizer stations will be set up around the venue, and social distancing is requested. In addition, visitors from France and the European Union will be required to show a valid EU digital COVID certificate, while non-EU visitors must present either proof of full vaccination or a negative result from a PCR or rapid antigen test from less than 72 hours before the event. You can sign up for the summit here, and access the virtual platform here.

Hubs Hosting Women in Tech Talks Event

Hubs, recently purchased by Protolabs, is hosting a three-day online event, “Do Develop Disrupt Talks x Women in Tech,” from September 22-24, that’s focused on helping women develop their tech careers in STEM fields. A variety of speakers on the agenda will present tech-specific talks on topics such as machine learning, 3D printing, and engineering, as well as how to overcome gender bias, make the STEM workplace more inclusive, how to become and/or recognize an ally, and how to succeed in this male-dominated environment. Each talk lasts an hour, with 30-45 minutes allotted for the speaker and the last 15 or so meant for a Q&A session, and there will also be a short virtual stretching session each day as well.

“The number of STEM jobs available is on the rise, but women are still underrepresented in these fields at every level, from junior roles to upper management. We want to show young women the opportunities that come from working in tech, like the chance to be involved in cutting-edge innovations and the competitive salaries. Our roster of speakers will highlight how they’ve achieved success and provide a roadmap for other aspiring STEM workers.”

You can register for the three-day event here.

TriMech: The Potential of FDM Additive Manufacturing

In its second webinar of the week, TriMech will discuss “Understanding the Potential of Additive Manufacturing: FDM” at 10 am EST on Wednesday the 22nd. Additive Manufacturing Application Engineer Andrew Sink will explain to attendees how FDM 3D printing is being used today to help companies improve on their bottom line by saving money, resources, and time. He’ll explain the common applications of 3D printing, how to identify opportunities for the technology, and highlight case studies from companies that have benefited from adopting FDM systems.

“Additive Manufacturing is no longer just a buzzword seen on the news. It is being implemented as a cost-saving technology at every stage in the manufacturing process. Are you ready to learn more about where and how to implement FDM 3D printing with Stratasys 3D printers?”

You can register for the webinar here.

HP’s Virtual 3D Printing Tour

At 12 pm EST on the 22nd, HP will be holding its second webinar of the week—a live, virtual tour of its 3D Printing Demo Center in Palo Alto, California. During the tour, attendees will learn about the company’s Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology, an overview of its workflow, how the technology can be used to design and print functional parts, and have the opportunity to ask questions.

“Join us on this virtual tour session to learn about HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology and how the HP 3D Printing End-to-End Process works, from file preparation to post processing.

“We look forward to hosting you for an exciting engagement on Additive Manufacturing!”

You can register for HP’s virtual tour here.

AM Coalition on Additive in Aerospace

The Additive Manufacturing Coalition is holding a live panel discussion on Zoom at 3 pm EST on Wednesday the 22nd, titled “The use of Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace, Today, Tomorrow and Beyond…” Speakers for the discussion will include former Boeing employee Kevin Slattery, Barnes Global Advisors; Bill Freyvogel, VP of Sales and Marketing for Cumberland Additive in Texas; Major Benjamin R. Steffens, PhD, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Lab Director & Assistant Professor, United States Air Force Academy in Colorado; and Jeswin Joseph C., Program and Research Manager, National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR), Wichita State University.

“The Additive Manufacturing Coalition will present a forum on how Additive Manufacturing is already being utilized in both defense and civilian aircraft, and the potential for the utilization of Additive in the future.”

You can RSVP for the panel discussion here.

3DQue on Automating 3D Printing for Small Businesses

The last event on Wednesday, September 22nd will be by 3DQue, about how to “Scale Up Your Small Business With 3D Printer Automation,” at 7:30 pm EST. During the company’s YouTube livestream, 3DQue Co-Founder and Chief of Innovation Mateo Pekin and 3D Printing Engineer Steven McCulloch will speak with Bentwood Ring Supplies about how automated 3D printing can be used to help scale small businesses.

“3DQue Systems is a technology startup that is focused on automating 3D printers to make high-volume production and innovation available to engineers, entrepreneurs, and makers around the world. With our YouTube channel Perpetual Printing, we hope to be a resource for people interested in high-volume production using 3D printers.”

Set your YouTube notifications so you won’t miss 3DQue’s livestream.

Shining 3D Holding Online Launch for Intraoral Scanner

Moving on to Thursday, September 23rd, Shining 3D is holding an online launch event for its new intraoral 3D scanner, the Aoralscan 3, at 4 am EST. The scanner, also being launched in person this week at the IDS 2021 dental trade fair in Cologne, Germany, is said to offer a faster scanning speed, greater scan depth, optimized algorithms and imaging mechanisms for more accuracy, and a slimmer, longer autoclavable scanner tip for a more comfortable experience.

“Aoralscan 3 is suitable for various clinical scenarios including acquiring scan bodies and periodontal scans.”

You can register for the launch event here. If you happen to be in Cologne this week, you can also stop by Shining 3D’s Stand #L040-M041 in Hall 3.1 to see the new Aoralscan 3 in person.

3D Systems on High Density Stacking

If you’re in the Eastern time zone and are up for the 3D scanner launch, you might as well stay online for 3D Systems’ webinar, “Advancing Additive Productivity with Figure 4 High Density Stacking,” at 5 am. Patrick Dunne, Vice President of Advanced Application Development and leader of the Application Development Lab in Berkeley, CA—part of the company’s Application Innovation Group—and Kevin Hsu, an advanced applications engineer with the AIG, will be discussing a major improvement in build efficiency with 3D Systems’ new solution for high density part stacking; spoiler alert, it leverages efficient nesting, optimized support structures, and the build height of the Figure 4 printer to allow for more batch printing and post-processing.

“Thanks to new materials, faster print speeds, and innovative workflows, additive manufacturing (AM) is transitioning from its primary use as a prototyping tool to an efficient and productive option for scaled manufacturing that is competitive with traditional manufacturing methods like injection molding. And because additive manufacturing offers greater supply chain flexibility and fast part turnaround, it is a uniquely strong solution for low-volume and bridge manufacturing, as well as mass customization.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Materialise Continues Mimic Enlight Mitral Workshop

Materialise is continuing its Mimics Enlight Mitral Workshop this Thursday the 23rd at 10 am EST with “LAAO Planning.” Attendees will gain experience in 3D-CT planning for TMVR and LAAO cardiac procedures during this online hands-on workshop, as well as learning how to create an accurate, virtual 3D model, leverage enhanced 3D visualization and automation for accurate planning and decision-making, and more. After the workshop, you’ll receive a three-week evaluation license in order to become a 3D-CT planning expert yourself.

“Get firsthand experience with 3D planning for TMVR during this workshop and learn tips and tricks on the Mimics Enlight planner from our technical experts.”

You can register for the webinar here. Maximum capacity is ten.

Stratasys & East/West Industries – AM to Succeed in Manufacturing

At 12 pm EST on the 23rd, Stratasys will hold a webinar called “East/West Industries uses 3D printing to succeed in manufacturing.” Stratasys Channel Leader Lucas Haugen and Mike Vetter, the Senior Director of Product Development at East/West Industries, Inc., will discuss how the manufacturer uses Stratasys AM technology to stay at the top as an industry supplier, as using 3D printing instead of CNC machining can help with efficiency gains.

“Like many manufacturers, CNC machining is the backbone of East/West’s production capabilities. As the company grew and demand increased, the machine shop became a constraint. Mike Vetter, Senior Director of Product Development, knew something needed to change.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Ditching DfAM in Innovator’s Roundtable

Moderated by Joris Peels of SmarTech Analysis and 3D Print.com, a live session, “Innovator’s Roundtable: Ditching DfAM and Embracing Design Freedom,” will be held at 1 pm EST on the 23rd, centered around how advanced AM can enable true design freedom, and help organizations reach new levels of innovation. Dr. Zach Murphree, the VP of Global Sales & Business Development for VELO3D; John Barnes, the Founder and CEO of The Barnes Global Advisors; Steve Freitas, R&D Director for IMI Critical; and Jose Cordova, VP of Engineering for Mohawk Innovative Technology, will cover four key insights during the session that can be leveraged when considering advanced AM, including the cost-benefit without DfAM limitations, how to step outside the limits of DfAM to print complex parts with high-performance materials, and more.

“DfAM has forced engineers to make concessions in the name of manufacturability rather than designing the best part possible. Thankfully, recent advancements in additive manufacturing technology have freed us from its constraints.”

You can register for the roundtable here.

3D Bioprinting for Food with 3DHEALS

The final webinar this week is by 3DHEALS, titled “3D Bioprinting for Food.” Held at 2 pm EST on Thursday, September 23rd and sponsored by HP, the speakers for this webinar will be Avery Parkinson, the Executive Director of Cellular Agriculture Canada; entrepreneur and inventor Kyle von Hasseln, who patented the first dehydrated food 3D printer, founded and sold Sugar Lab, and founded Culinary Printworks; Roger Kuan, a Partner at Haynes and Boone and chair of the Precision Medicine and Digital Health Practice Group; and Simon Fried, Head of Business at MeaTech. Moderating the discussion will be Dr. Vidya Chamundeswari Narasimhan, 3DHeals Community Manager in San Francisco and head of the Biomaterials engineering division at New Age Meats – Berkeley, California.

“Lately, 3D printing food has become a hot topic, as climate change and the impending water shortage crisis all beckon humanity for alternative more environmental (and healthier) food sources. “Cultured meat”, “cellular agriculture”, “lab-grown meats” are all new popular concepts that are receiving increasing attention. What are the roles of 3D printing in all this? What are the issues entrepreneurs and scientists facing? Who are the influencers, rising startups, regulatory bodies for this emerging field? How is the culinary world receiving the 3D printing concept?”

You can register for the webinar here. There will be breakout rooms afterwards for networking and connecting Pitch3D startups with investors.

Do you have news to share about any future webinars or virtual and live events? Please let us know!

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