Researchers Complete Comprehensive Evaluation of Manufacturing Methods, Including 3D Printing, for Impellers

Combustion engines uses turbochargers to boost their performance. But, for multiple reasons, there isn’t a conventional process chain for economically manufacturing the component. A team of researchers from RWTH Aachen…

Stratasys Tells Us About Their New Expert Services Group to Help Manufacturers Implement 3D Printing

It’s been an incredibly busy month so far for Stratasys, which just a few days ago announced a large-scale collaboration with the US Department of Veterans’ Affairs to create a 3D printing…

Siemens’ New End-to-End Solution Designed to Help Companies Maximize Additive Manufacturing for Product Development

While Siemens may not be a company you immediately associate with 3D printing—yet—they’ve been making their move into the industry in some very interesting ways, from their partnership with Local…

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