3D Printing Webinar and Event Roundup: May 1, 2021


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We started this weekly roundup of webinars and virtual events almost exactly one year ago, to give you a quick, easy way to sift through the increased amount of online industry content that was cropping up due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down nearly all in-person events. Now, as more people get vaccinated and the world, and our industry, start to open back up again, those live, in-person 3D printing events we all love so much are slowly starting to come back. Because of this, we’re still going to write up a weekly roundup of webinars and events for you, but now we’re going to start including events that aren’t strictly virtual as well, such as next week’s in-person AMUG 2021. With that, let’s dive in to this week’s events!

In-Person AMUG Conference 2021

The 2021 AMUG Conference will be held in-person at the Hilton Orlando in Florida this week, from May 2-6. The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) organization itself is a global community that works to accelerate the education and advancement of 3D printing, and the agenda this year is pretty packed, including keynote presentations, technical sessions, training labs and workshops, panel discussions, the Technical Competition, the Innovators Showcase, the AMUGexpo, and more. There are a total of ten conference tracks, including Medical and Dental, AM Metal Technologies, Software, and Materials. Registration gets you access to all five days of the conference, as well as meals, evening activities, and an off-site dinner and event that is, according to AMUG, “always grand but never disclosed in advance.”

“Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Conference brings together engineers, designers, managers, and educators from around the world to share expertise, best practices, challenges, and application developments in additive manufacturing.”

You can register for the 2021 AMUG Conference here for $1495. Remember, attendance is limited to those with direct ownership of industrial AM equipment and are using it for professional applications.

ASTM’s AMUG Quality Assurance Certificate Course

If you’re registered for AMUG, you’re also able to register for the two-part “Quality Assurance for Additive Manufacturing” course by ASTM International’s Center of Excellence (AM CoE), which will be held during AMUG. The first part will begin at 8 am EST on Saturday, May 1st, and the second part will take place at 3 pm EST on the 2nd. Taught by Martin White, Head of Additive Manufacturing Programs – Europe Region, ASTM International, and Shane Collins, VP and General Manager North America Operations, Additive Industries, the course is for people with existing AM experience who are looking to better understand the routes to releasing products that require quality assurance and control. An online exam will be held two weeks after the course, and if participants pass, they will receive the ASTM AM Quality Assurance Certificate.

“As additive manufacturing continues to mature as a production manufacturing method, it becomes more important than ever to demonstrate quality assurance to create quality products.

“This course will provide guidance for what is key to control quality output and demonstrate compliance to requirements.”

You can register for the two-part course here for $799.

Stratasys Discusses New SAF Technology

A little over a month ago, Stratasys announced its new industrial-grade Selective Absorption Fusion (SAF) technology, which is based on powder bed fusion and used to power its new H Series Production Platform; the first 3D printer in this line, the H350, was just introduced this week. On Tuesday, May 4th, at 10 am EST, the company is holding a webinar, “SAF technology: Reaching a new level of production additive manufacturing,” which will provide more information on this new technology. Two Stratasys executives—Tim Heller, Commercial Leader – Strategic Growth, and Elena Terraz Mendoza, Director of Product Management—will speak during the webinar, along with Professor Neil Hopkinson BEng (Hons) PhD CEng MIET, the Director of Technology at Xaar 3D Ltd., who invented the technology behind SAF.

“Introducing SAF, Stratasys’ latest manufacturing-oriented technological innovation! SAF is a powder bed fusion, additive manufacturing process engineered to rapidly produce high volumes of manufacturing and production grade components. SAF enables manufacturers to break through previously established boundaries for additively produced parts, creating a compelling business case. Join Stratasys and Professor Hopkinson, to learn how SAF improves efficiencies, accelerates product development and increases profitability.”

You can register for the webinar here.

GE Additive on Wabtec’s Binder Jet Journey

At 10 am EST on Wednesday, May 5th, GE Additive is holding a webinar, “Wabtec: The Quest for Additive Production Parts Using Binder Jet Technology,” to discuss its new partnership with Wabtec Corporation, an early adopter of 3D printing in the rail transportation industry. In order to boost Wabtec’s additive industrialization strategy, the two are scaling binder jet 3D printing technology all the way from a beta program to pilot lines, and finally into a complete industrial factory solution. GE Additive’s Jacob Brunsberg, Binder Jet Product Line Leader, and Wabtec Corporation’s Philip Moslener, Corporate Vice-President for Advanced Technologies, will discuss Wabtec’s additive journey, as well as future collaboration between the two companies.

“Additive is one of the key technology pillars for Wabtec and central to their efforts to drive innovation in the industries they serve. Binder Jet technology will enable Wabtec’s advanced designs to be produced in a reliable, low-cost manner for their current and developmental engines in locomotive, transit and mining programs. Wabtec has been hard at work to understand how additive manufacturing can be integrated into its business to positively impact its products and transform its supply chain.  So far, the company has set a target to have additive technologies being used in the production of up to 250 components for its product lines by 2025.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Supply Chain Resiliency with AMI

From 1-2:30 pm EST on the 5th, Advanced Manufacturing International (AMI), an MTDG company, is holding a free webinar, titled “Improving Supply Chain Resiliency Through Digital Transformation,” in coordination with the NDIA Manufacturing Division Technology Committee webinar series by SME, NCDMM, and NDIA. AMI’s CEO and President, Stephan Biller, PhD, and Vice President – Technology, Larry Megan, PhD, will discuss how digital transformation can be used to improve the resiliency of the manufacturing supply chain. The webinar is open to anyone looking to speed up operation improvements through the use of digital transformation.

“Digital transformation is essential in order to survive and thrive in today’s hyper-competitive markets. Digital capability integration will provide a disruptive differentiation for those manufacturers who adopt and leverage digital technologies.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Dassault’s Webinar Series on MODSIM

In late 2020, the SIMULIA and CATIA teams from Dassault Systèmes held its Global 3DEXPERIENCE Modeling & Simulation (MODSIM) Conference in a virtual format. Now, the company is continuing to explore this topic in a four-part series of panel discussions and webinars, with its CATIA and SIMULIA experts showing attendees how to integrate design with MODSIM in order to streamline work. The first episode, “3DEXPERIENCE MODSIM DRIVES FASTER INNOVATION!“, will take place at 8 am EST on Thursday, May 6th. Dhiraj Nahar, SIMULIA Industry Process Expert Senior Manager, and Joe Asmar, CATIA Industry Process Consultant, will go over several examples in which they’ve used MODSIM to drive faster innovation.

“Integrated design and simulation, also known as ‘MODSIM’, provides design and analysis engineers the advantage of experiencing their design. MODSIM integrates complete CATIA and SIMULIA technologies together on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to provide a common user interface and data model for modeling and simulation.

“By applying simulation to the earliest phase of design it’s possible to accurately predict, compare and simulate multiple product behaviors. Insight into product performance is essential to delivering high-quality products that meet requirements. And, MODSIM shortens product development cycles by minimizing extensive physical prototyping and testing.”

You can register for the first MODSIM episode here.

TriMech: Analyzing Composite Materials

In a webinar titled “Understanding Composites Analysis Simulation” at 10 am EST on the 6th, TriMech Elite Application Engineer Eric Lanoue will help attendees better understand composite materials, and the accessible SOLIDWORKS options and tools which can be used to analyze them. He’ll review the various challenges and constraints of efficient composites design, discussing orthotropic materials and material characterization, composite layup development, shell analysis, composite mesh setup, and more.

“Composite materials present unique challenges for design and analysis and they require a slightly different approach than standard materials to characterize. SOLIDWORKS Simulation can help you understand more complex component responses by analyzing the composite parts.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Ankle Patient Specific Instrumentation

In this week’s final webinar, hosted by 3D Systems and held at 8 pm EST on the 6th, the topic is “Vantage® Ankle PSI Early Experience.” NYC-based Constantine Demetracopoulos, MD, and Washington, DC-based Oliver Schipper, MD, will discuss the value of PSI, otherwise known as patient specific instrumentation, along with its FDA-cleared Vantage Ankle PSI, which is powered by the company’s Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP) platform and distributed only in the US by Exatech. A case review of Vantage Ankle PSI will also be provided during the webinar.

“Dive deep into the world of ankle patient specific instrumentation (PSI) in this virtual one-hour medical education course.”

You can register for the course here.

Do you have news to share about any future webinars or virtual events? Please let us know!

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