GE Aviation Completes Successful Tests of FATE Engine and T901 Engine Prototype, Both Featuring 3D Printed Components

Back in 2015, GE Aviation began utilizing additive manufacturing technology in the retrofitting of hundreds of GE90 jet engines with 3D printed sensor housings. Fast forward a little, and the company…

MAN Diesel & Turbo Equipping Its Gas Turbines with Standardized, 3D Printed Components

We know that metal 3D printing is one of the oldest additive manufacturing forms, but it’s also one of the fastest growing in the industry. It’s been used to manufacture…

GE & DOE Research: Might 3D Printed Turbines Unlock Secret to Affordable Desalination of Ocean Water?

In a new project that sounds extremely futuristic, but completely normal coming from GE and their Global Research Center in upstate New York, they will be using 3D printed turbines in…

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