3DTrust Releases Intelligent Powder Management Solution for Quality Control

3DTrust is a five-year-old startup that began in Munich. In the beginning, the team was one of a crop of startups that wanted to secure the digital supply chain. Through…

Interview with Alexandre Donnadieu-Deray of 3YOURMIND

Alexandre Donnadieu-Deray is the Managing Director of the company 3YOURMIND. 3YOURMIND provides software to manage and optimize your end-to-end Additive Manufacturing workflows. There organization gives an interesting value proposition to their end users. They sit in between technical expertise as well as customer service.

Interview With Valuechain on ERP and MRP for Additive Manufacturing

3D printing is still for many companies something that is divorced from regular business processes. Somewhere in a ventilated room a few printers hum and prototypes are taken out of…