Area Printing


Seurat to Go Green with Metal 3D Printing Depot Powered by Wind and Solar

Seurat, the startup that wants to commercialize its highly productive metal 3D printing technology, wants to go green. The company has developed a diode laser manufacturing process, dubbed Area Printing,…


$21M Round Fuels 2 Million Points of Metal 3D Printing Light from Seurat

Focused on disrupting centuries-old manufacturing techniques and challenging existing powder bed fusion (PBF) companies, Seurat Technologies has built a pioneering 3D metal printing process that can compete with the volumes,…


Seurat Aims to Disrupt Metal 3D Printing with 2 Million Lasers

3D printing company Seurat is named after pointillist painter Seurat because, like him, the company wants to work pixel by pixel. Rather than trace a laser over the whole build,…