Novel Retroflective Fibers Made Through 3D Printing

In ‘Fabrication and measurement of 3D printed retroflective fibers,’ authors Michael Ghebrebrhan, Gabriel Z. J. Loke, and Yoel Fink are engaged in studying novel materials for additive manufacturing processes. With…

Indiana Researchers: 3D Printing Smart Multimaterial Fibers & Sensors

In ‘Towards Digital Manufacturing of Smart Multimaterial Fibers,’ Indiana researchers explore the use of fibers in 3D printing, along with the potential for expanding their functionality into smart materials that…

Germany: Manufacturing Membranes with 3D Printed Spinnerets for Critical Applications

‘3D printed rotating spinnerets create membranes with a twist,’ authored by Tobias Luelf, Deniz Rall, Tim Femmer, Christian Bremer, and Matthias Wessling, explores how progressive technology can be used to…

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