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Happy New Year and Happy 3D Printing!

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Happy holidays! First we helped you use 3D printing to have a Merry Christmas, and now we’re back to help you ring in the New Year the 3D printed way. I’ve put together a list of ten free 3D printable models from some of my favorite sites, so let’s get started!

Merry Christmas and Happy new year

First, this 3D printed decoration by Pinshape user Saeid is perfect for today, since it is actually Christmas. Plus, you can leave it out all week until you ring in 2023!


Cults 3D user Ombra3D shared this joyful New Year sunburst decoration, which prints with standard settings and is sure to make any party more festive with its mere presence.

Vintage Style Party Lights

Speaking of decorations, these 3D printed vintage party lights, reminiscent of ones you’d see in the 60s and 70s, were designed by MyMiniFactory user mxfaiman. These aren’t actually New Year’s Eve-themed, but I really like them, and every party needs some fun décor, right? It takes about 2-3 hours to print each shade in vase mode, with bottom layers set to 4. Support material is needed for the shade clips, but it should be easy to remove.

“I was looking to find something to make one of my rooms more fun and entertaining. The vintage lights can be hard to find and usually are fairly expensive when you do find them. Also those being blow molded plastic that is almost 50 years old they tend to be quite brittle. So I designed these lights to clip into an ordinary sting of clear C7 lights. Using the shade clip to hang the shade from the string of lights it makes it really easy to install and to change out shades if you want to.”

Rabbit 2023 happy new year

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2023 is the Year of Rabbit, and even though the Lunar New Year won’t actually start until the end of January, that doesn’t mean you can’t start celebrating early. This simple rabbit by Thingiverse user v3trov was printed on an Ender 3 Neo, and doesn’t require any supports.

2023 New Year’s Eve Party Glasses

It’s time for that perennial favorite at every New Year’s Eve party—those weird sunglasses with the upcoming year in them! This version, by Thingiverse user Whatever6, is a remix of another pair of party shutter glasses, and has a few changes, including making the temples about 5 mm longer, removing the bottom line of the ‘0’ for better visibility and aesthetics, and stronger hinges, though they are still fragile.

“For the hinges you can take a piece of filament, but I recommend a m2 screw.”

2023 Happy New Year Ring

I’m not sure if this ring, designed in Autodesk Inventor by Thingiverse user smitywa, is meant to be a napkin ring, or a fashion ring to wear on your finger, but you can probably mess around with the dimensions and use it for either one. The first version of the ring is smaller and thinner, while the second version is “beefed up in both thickness and height.” The ring requires both rafts and supports, a 100% infill, and .05 mm resolution.

“I printed this in beige resin on my Longerware Orange 10. I havent tried this model in FDM but I look forward to seeing some “Make” Pictures. Enjoy!”

Lazy Beer Party Plate

This print, by MyMiniFactory user AgustinGudio, is an oldie but a goodie. The nosh plate is designed to remain attached to your beer bottle, which means you don’t need to remove it to take a sip…even if you already have snacks on the plate! Support may be needed to print this, and you should use 100% infill to weight it down a little. Cheers!

“Easy to assemble, just a regular bearing (20mm diameter) and another that works as plummet so the plate always stays horizontal (same diameter), you can use other things as plummet.

“Of course you should put not too much weight on the plate but works fine with typical party snacks on it.”

Happy New Year Stamp

Every good New Year’s Eve party should have some good food; you’ll need something to soak up all that alcohol, after all. These festive New Year cookie stamps, by Cults 3D user waleed90, feature a swirly inscription with a holiday message and are perfect for decorating some tasty desserts. You print the stamps at 10% infill at 60 mm/s, with 0.2 layers and your fan at 100%.


For even more festive New Year’s Eve desserts, might I recommend these cookie cutters and stamps from Cults 3D user Trimenta3D? The cookie cutters are made up of two complementary pieces: one to cut the dough, and one to stamp it. Suggested print settings are a layer height of 0.28, a 0.4 nozzle, 190° nozzle, and 90° bed.

“The cutter is composed of two pieces, a cutter and a marker to be able to work with different heights of dough and be more practical when stamping. You can print the file as a whole as it is loaded, at the end of printing it will be separated into these 2 pieces.”

happy new year champagne glass

Finally, it’s not New Year’s Eve without a glass of bubbly at the stroke of midnight! This 3D printed champagne flute, by Pinshape user NeoQueenSarenity, is the perfect choice, as it features a special “Happy New Year” inscription, created with Customizer.

Remember to use a food-safe filament for prints like plates and glasses, and please drive safely. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at!

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