Holiday Roundup: Ringing in the New Year with 3D Printing

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Last weekend, we published a roundup of fun Christmas 3D prints, and now, the day after Christmas, we’re here to offer you another holiday 3D printing roundup. While I can’t say that 2021 was the BEST year, it was definitely better than 2020, and we’ll gladly celebrate the move into a brand new year with 3D printing. Here are ten of our favorites!

Champagne and Wine Bottle Insulator Koozie Bottle Cooler

First of all, I sincerely hope your New Year’s Eve looks something like this, because mine will be decidedly different, as Ohio is cold and gross this time of year. Aptly named Thingiverse user BubbleChill wants to make sure you celebrate the new year right, and what better way to do that than with this insulator for wine and champagne bottles? The insulated cooler was designed by Design Prototype Consult LLC, and was sold on Amazon for a bit before being released to the world. It was tested on more than 30 bottles and fit each one perfectly, and should be printed at 100% scale with no supports, but definitely a brim for the top.

“To make the threading action super slick, add some dry lubricant like the one made by 3 in one.

“Any material works well. I have printed on multiple printers and the top and bottom always fit together perfectly with 0.4mm nozzle. If your printer isn’t well calibrated or you are using a larger nozzle, scale the top up a little for a perfect fit.”

Marker 2022

If you’re planning a sit-down dinner this New Year’s Eve, you’ll want these 3D printable ambigram place cards by Cults3D user Uruma, with one side reading 2022 and the other side reading the guest’s name. This was printed on a resin printer for “the coolest look,” and would probably work on an FDM system just as well, though this hasn’t been tested yet. There are only ten first names available for 3D printing at the moment, but if you want a new name, just ask and it will be added “with pleasure.”

“Printed with support by rotating the names 45° with the first name and 2022 up so that there is no support inside the object.”

Modern Phone Stand- Low Poly Tiger

If you’re like me, your recipes come mainly from Pinterest and not from actual cookbooks, which means you use a phone or tablet stand rather than a cookbook stand. So when you’re whipping up your New Year’s Eve party goodies and need your phone, look no further than this low-poly tiger smartphone stand from MyMiniFactory user RocketRacoon; 2022 is the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac, after all, which starts in February. The stand, which measures at 109 x 20 x 45 mm, will require plenty of support material everywhere, and supports all phones, though you should apparently be careful with bigger phones.

nœud papillon (bow tie) 2022

You’ll want to look spiffy for your New Year’s Eve party, and this 3D printable 2022 bow tie from Thingiverse user olivie62690 should do the trick. You’ll need to glue the “front” part to the main part in order to change the color, and two small hooks are needed to attach an elastic so you can actually wear it.

2022 New Year Eve Glasses

You can also rock up to the party with the always classic “giant glasses in the shape of the next year.” This easy to assemble pair of 2022 glasses is from Cults3D user 3DIMKA, and the temples fit tightly into the frame; holes on the ends are meant for an optional thread in case you want to hang the glasses around your neck. You can also turn the frame into a magnet to hang on the fridge, as several round holes in the back are for 5 mm neodymium magnets.

“The color number inserts can be printed separately in a different color and then glued to the frame. They also have a tight fit so the gluing part could be unnecessary, depending on the quality of your printer.”

Tiger Flex

Back to the Year of the Tiger, Cults3D user 3DTROOP has this flexible model that’s a fun toy and will also double as a great 3D printed New Year’s Eve party decoration. Made out of PLA and ABS with no supports needed, this articulated little big cat measures at 164.1 x 57.6 x 10 mm and takes three hours and eleven minutes to print, with 0.2 mm layer height and 10% infill.

Text Flip – New Year, New Me

Speaking of decorations, this model by Cults3D user Master_Printer has a pretty uplifting message for the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022: New Year, New Me! This is another ambigram, or as it’s called here, a “unique Text Flip model,” which is said to be pretty tricky for non-experts. Measuring at 116 x 64.7 x 46.3 mm, the print settings for this one should be “upscale,” with supports.

“I position the model so that the New Me is readable from a birds-eye view.”

Happy New Year 2022

Thingiverse user edsept7 shared this festive 2022 print, featuring what appear to be fireworks coming out of the numbers. Printed on a Creality CR-20 out of PLA filament, the model was made at 100% infill, standard resolution, with no rafts.

New Year Fireworks Silhouette Art

We’re sticking with the celebratory New Year’s fireworks for these last couple of prints, including this piece of art by MyMiniFactory user 3DPrintBunny. This print won’t need any supports, and the back will slot snugly into place, though it’s suggested that you should print more than one back “so that you can change the mood by changing the background.”

“I would print the first layer at a nice slow pace as the design is quite complex. Having print thin walls/lines checked on your slicer settings will make sure the whole model is printed properly but even without it it still looks great.”

Rocket Base for New Year’s Eve

Finally, to really start 2022 off with a bang, check out this 3D printed base by Thingiverse user eastfreak, which has room to launch eight rockets at once with an empty beer bottle in the middle to keep things steady. Supports are not needed, and the print, which was made with yellow Geetech PLA filament, requires 0.2 resolution and 30% infill. Obviously, please use caution when launching rockets or fireworks.

From all of us here at, have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve, and as always, happy 3D printing!

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