Using 3D Printing to Say “Good Riddance” to 2020 on New Year’s Eve

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I’ve said it before and I’ll likely say it again: 2020 has been the WORST. Life as we know it has been completely upended since early in the year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and while things won’t be solved the instant it becomes 2021, I think we’ll all feel a little better kicking this year to the curb. Obviously, holidays have looked a lot different for most people this year, and New Year’s Eve will be no exception. But, just like at Easter, you can use 3D printing to help ring in the new year in a fun and safe way! Here are a few suggestions:

You probably aren’t having a big party this year, because of social distancing and everything, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still decorate. I found this cute New Year Polar Bears 2021 decoration by Thingiverse user takman29, who wrote that no supports are needed for this piece, which prints in two parts.

I found some other neat decorations, such as this Happy New Year 2021 Monstera Leaf by MyMiniFactory user ksdj55, a 2021 Happy New Year decoration by Cults3D user alexlpr that lights up, and this 2021 Voronoi print by Thingiverse user Mr_3D_Printer

“The dimensions are approximately 115 x 75 x 15 mm. This is a great piece of decoration to have around the house! Scale bigger to make an even greater display or as you choose,” he wrote.

“I recommend printing this in the laying down position as in the STL file so there is no need for supports but you are able to print in the upright position as well with supports.”

Tradition says it’s bad luck to take down your Christmas decorations before January 6th, so there are plenty of fun 3D printable ornaments to make if you want to decorate your tree for New Year’s Eve. This one, by MyMiniFactory user FacFox3d, says Cheer Up 2021, and prints without supports. Thingiverse user shura2000 also shared this set of 2021 ornaments, which don’t need a raft but do require supports, and were printed with 25% infill, at 0.16 resolution, out of black TPU material.

These Star Wars Hope ornaments by Thingiverse user KS13 make me laugh, which is likely the intention. It’s even written in the notes for how to print these: “A little optimism for 2021.” Tinkercad and Selva 3D were used to design Princess Leia and R2D2, and the ornaments were printed with no rafts or supports, with 100% infill, at 0.15 resolution, out of PLA filament.

This Happy New Year! model by Cults3D user gzumwalt is really cool: designed using Sketchup 8 and printed out of PLA using Makerware “Standard” settings, you can have fun hand cranking this model all night. It’s noted in the description that some sanding, scraping, filing, gluing, and other various post-processing steps will likely be required.

“All parts slide together except the letters, which were attached using cyanoacrylate in a somewhat haphazard fashion. In any case, make sure the word “Year!” clears the bottom of the cam stroke!”

If you’re looking for a generic decoration that you can use next year too, Cults3D user BUGMAN_140 has you covered with this simple Happy New Year Sign. MyMiniFactory user CheesmondN shared this beautiful New Year Silhouette Art, which she says is an easy print with no supports needed. However, this next one looks difficult, as Cults3D user MR_PRINTER_BOT says his Text Flip – Happy New Year 2021 print is really a job for the experts. If you look at it one way, the model says Happy New Year in script, but if you flip it over, it turns into 2021, which is pretty cool.

In the Chinese Zodiac calendar, 2021 is the Year of the Ox, though technically the Chinese New Year won’t occur until February 12th. But you can get ready in advance with some fun 3D printed ox models, like this New year symbol 4 by Thingiverse user shura2000. Keeping in line with the theme of 2020, the same user also shared Masked new year symbol 5, which features an ox wearing a mask that AMAZINGLY covers both its nose and its mouth!

Finally, everyone loves a good 3D printed gimbal decoration, and I found a few choices. There’s the more traditional version, like this 2021 Gimball (remix) newyear print by Thingiverse user mmroos1983, which was printed with 25% infill, at 0.2 resolution, out of PLA with no rafts or supports. But my favorite is 2021 GIMBAL (VACCINE YEAR) by another Thingiverse user, ali55. Printed out of PLA with 25% infill, at 0.3 resolution, and again no supports or rafts, this gimbal decoration has changed the ‘1’ in 2021 to a vaccine-filled syringe; a very fitting image for the new year.

You don’t want to celebrate New Year’s Eve without some tasty snacks, so if you have some food-safe filament, you can 3D print some festive cookie cutters, like these Season’s cookie cutters by Thingiverse user CostasBissas, or this CHAMPAGNE GLASS COOKIE CUTTER FOR NEW YEAR by Cults3D user RAGKOV, which even includes a tasty-sounding recipe for butter cookies. Wash down your sweets with a holiday beverage, topped off with 2021 Party by yourself Picks and Swizzle Sticks by Thingiverse user barb_3dprintny…an easy PETG print, with 25% infill, at 0.2-0.4 resolution.

“The swizzle sticks come in 2 different sizes for tall and short drinks. The toothpicks are also in two sizes. The longer ones you can use for cocktail garnishes (olives, fruit). PETG is theoretically food safe although some argue that bacteria could grow in the layers.”

To look the part, you’ll want a snazzy pair of 3D printed 2021 glasses, like these 2021 Shutter Shades from Thingiverse user grajohnt, GLASSES 2021 by Cults3D user CATF3D, or these 2021 New Year party glasses by Thingiverse user OmoshiRoy, printed out of PLA.

“Lets celebrate the end of this bad year! (while keeping social distance of course).

“Snap-on hinges. I make mine with 0,1mm layer height and 100% infill. At least 0,1mm LH those layers the hinge part if you use adaptive slicing. No raft, no support.”

For some extra style, you can rock a pair of 3D printed 2021 Earrings, by Thingiverse user alorimer, or a 3D printed Bow tie by MyMiniFactory user Ravn, which prints without supports using “polyalchemy elixir which gives it a silky look.”

“You need to print the front and back pieces, and afterwards glue the two parts together, at last you thread a strap throug the clip on the back. You can use an elastic strap, for a snug fit.”

Count down to the end of 2020, and the beginning of 2021, with this awesome New Years Eve Clock – 3D printed champagne hands by MyMiniFactory user v1bennett. It’s based on IKEA’s STOMMA clock, and prints quickly with no supports. Finally, ring in the new year with this Cults3D NYE BALL DROP, a working, scale replica of the Time Square Ball, illuminated with NeoPixel LEDs, by Adafruit. Be forewarned, this project will definitely take some time, but looks to be totally worth it.

From everyone here at, have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve, and good riddance to 2020!

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