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Happy New Year and Happy 3D Printing!

Happy holidays! First we helped you use 3D printing to have a Merry Christmas, and now we’re back to help you ring in the New Year the 3D printed way….


Holiday Roundup: Ringing in the New Year with 3D Printing

Last weekend, we published a roundup of fun Christmas 3D prints, and now, the day after Christmas, we’re here to offer you another holiday 3D printing roundup. While I can’t…

Ring In the New Year and Say Good Riddance to 2016 with Fun, Imaginative 3D Printable Designs for 2017

I have always enjoyed New Year’s Eve. I usually end up at a friend’s house wearing glittery nail polish and fun pajamas, playing Cards Against Humanity or Rock Band or…

3D Printed Chinese Zodiac Jewelry is Beautiful and for a Good Cause

I’ve always been a fan of the zodiac in all of its forms. Regardless of whether or not you believe in astrology, it’s fun to look up your sign and…