Building Surgical Skills with 3D Printed Practice at University of Michigan Medical School

As with any profession that has immediate, real life consequences that are starkly set out in terms of life and death, the more practice that a surgeon can get before…

C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital: Three Babies Who Received 3D Printed Tracheal Splints Have Grown Into Healthy, Active Toddlers Today

While we certainly don’t like to hear of anyone being sick or challenged, to hear of little ones suffering just pierces the heart enough indeed to make you want to…

Materialise Partners with University of Michigan and Tissue Regeneration Services for Clinical Trials of 3D Printed Tracheal Splint

New parents, while overjoyed at the life they have created, also tend to be filled with fear: What if I’m a terrible parent? What if I do something wrong? And,…

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