InfraTrac Successfully Applies Anti-Counterfeit Technology to 3D Printed Metal Parts

One of the most nagging concerns that plagues the 3D printing industry is that of intellectual property protection. Not only have there been plenty of issues surrounding the theft of…

Eliminating Fakes and Mistakes with IP Protection: InfraTrac Named as a Winner in the America Makes 2016 AM Challenge for Small Businesses

Many exciting challenges come and go in the 3D design and 3D printing industry, inspiring both individual makers and startup teams to come forth with incredible new innovations that can…

Anti-Counterfeiting Measures Have a Lot to Offer in 3D Printing — A Few Questions For: InfraTrac

Counterfeiting is, put simply, a big deal. While 3D printing in particular is still somewhat of a Wild West when it comes to clear definitions of what is and is…

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