Hypercar Maker Czinger Reveals “World’s First” 3D Printed Gearbox Case

Czinger Vehicles, the maker of electric hypercars built on the Divergent Adaptive Production System (DAPS) assembly line, announced what the company claims is the first 3D printed automotive gearbox case….


New High-Temp Printer for PEEK, PEKK, and Ultem™ from 3DXTECH

Once known solely for its high-performance filaments for material extrusion 3D printers, 3DXTECH surprised the additive manufacturing (AM) industry when it shifted gears and began making the Gearbox 3D printer….


CORE Consolidates 3D Printing Industry with Acquisition Spree: Interview with Founder John May

CORE Industrial Partners is a private equity firm in Chicago, made up of experienced investment professionals and former CEOs, with $700 million worth of capital commitments investing in lower middle-market…

CORE Industrial Partners Acquires Three More 3D Printing Companies

Chicago private equity firm CORE Industrial Partners LLC (CORE) has $700 million of capital commitments, investing in lower middle-market industrial technology, service, and manufacturing businesses in North America. The firm…

3D Printing Webinar and Event Roundup: July 18th, 2021

We’ve got another busy week of events and webinars coming up, covering topics from color 3D printing and 3D printed injection molds to SupportFree 3D printing, functional AM materials, and…

FZero Hypercar Features First-of-its-Kind 3D Printed Gearbox

As Volkswagen recently demonstrated, 3D printing is about to hit the automotive sector in a big way, if it truly is able to integrate 3D printed parts into its upcoming…


3DXTECH Hires Aerospace Manager Tim Spahr from Arkema as it Expands Factory to Begin Manufacturing their Gearbox™ HT2 High-Temp Printer.

As the high-temperature 3D printer market continues to heat up, companies who seek to lead must focus on developing their presence in high-value end-use markets. 3DXTECH, a Michigan-based 3D printing…