Nova Scotia Surgeons Use 3D Printed Brain Model in Surgical Planning For the First Time

Last spring, Nick Rahr of Canada began experiencing some puzzling dizziness. His doctor conducted a brain scan, and told him that everything was clear, but a few months later Rahr…

3D Printed Models Help Doctors to Treat Brain Tumors–and Patients to Understand Them

The brain is perhaps the most complicated bodily organ to conduct surgery on, because of both how dense the tissue is and how uniquely formed each individual’s brain is. Also,…

3D Printing Makes a Complex Brain Surgery Possible, Saving The Life of a 50-year-old Woman in China

It isn’t news that 3D printing is playing a major role in the advancement of medicine and medical treatments around the world. There have been countless stories where the technology…

Chinese Company Introduces Bioprinted Dura Mater for Use in Brain Surgery

Whatever value you place on the human mind, the human brain is a wondrous thing. As it sits in the skull, it is protected only by a thin layer of…

3D Printing Aids in the Complex Brain Surgery of a Baby in Brazil

The worse thing that parents could be told when their child is born with a potentially life altering birth defect, is that the condition presented is considered to be inoperable….

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