Metal 3D Printing is Poised to Become a New Manufacturing Paradigm, But Adoption Is Slow

Although metal 3D printing may seem like a new technology, it’s been around since the 1980’s, and used chiefly in production of high value, highly engineered, complex parts and prototypes….

Learning Curve Thoughts for a Beginner Interested in 3D Printing

So, you want to buy a 3D printer? Want to pull the trigger? Make the leap? Get into this wonderful world of 3D printing? Be a part of the fourth industrial…

A Four-Step Guide for a Successful 3D Project

My first 3D printed project was a little bit disappointing. My new innovation looked rough and weak and the 3D model was not functioning well. Obviously, in 2006 we had fewer options for a…

Made for Me Offers Tips on SLS 3D Printing with Nylon: Enjoy Greater Durability & Versatility for Complex Models

As an artist is to pencils and paints, the 3D printing enthusiast is to materials. And if you’ve become passionate about using this technology, whether at home or for work,…

Sculpteo Details How to Maximize Your ROI from 3D Printing Technology

As a writer who is deeply immersed in the 3D printing industry, I constantly find satisfaction in discovering which new companies are utilizing this disruptive and potentially revolutionary manufacturing technology….

Getting Those Parts Oriented: Made for Me Releases The Ultimate Guide to ABS 3D Printing

These days it’s easy enough to unpack that new 3D printer and set off to work with your starter pack of filament, design files ready to go and models on…

Stratasys Releases New Video Offering Tips and Tricks for Using Their FDM Materials

While metal 3D printing technology is becoming more commonly used in a wide range of industrial applications, it is still a very small segment of the professional 3D printer market….

Sculpteo Unveils Frugal Features to Make 3D Printing Services More Affordable

The France-based 3D printing service bureau Sculpteo certainly has their wits about them when it comes to the latest in 3D printing technology. When they’re not busy unveiling invisible 3D…

AstroPrint Offers the ‘Ultimate’ Cheat-Sheet Buffet of 3D Printing Tips You’ll Want to Save

We’re hard pressed today to find someone, anyone, who doesn’t know at least a little bit about how 3D printing is changing the world in so many areas like manufacturing,…

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