Boy With Severely Deformed ‘Porcelain Legs’ Sees His Life Saved by 3D Printing

It is no longer a surprise when we hear stories of how 3D printing has taken a previously thought to be inoperable condition and turned it into a tremendous success…

Chinese Doctors Complete Extremely Difficult Wrist Surgery Thanks to 3D Printing

3D printing is beginning to really prove itself as an operating room tool in hospitals around the globe. So far it has only caught on in a small percentage of hospitals…

Surgeon in India Uses a 3D Printed Surgical Tool to Repair a 16 Year Old’s Broken Hip

2014 brought us a lot of inspirational stories from within the medical field, thanks to 3D printing. We have seen the technology make previously inoperable surgeries possible, and we have…

3D Printing Aids in the Complex Brain Surgery of a Baby in Brazil

The worse thing that parents could be told when their child is born with a potentially life altering birth defect, is that the condition presented is considered to be inoperable….

Chinese Man Loses Half His Skull in Fall – Doctors to Return Him to Normal with 3D Printed Titanium Mesh

It’s the greatest fear of them all, for the wives and family members of construction workers, police officers, firemen, and military servicemen. Each year, thousands of blue collar workers are…

3D Printing Aids Spinal Surgery in Brazil to Remove Huge Tumor & 5 Vertebrae From 12 Year-Old Girl

If you go back just 2 years, it was almost unheard of to see media coverage of 3D printing technology coming to the aid of doctors in the operating room….

How 3D Systems’ Medical Modeling Is Changing the Operating Room for the Better

During the recent 3D Systems’ 2014 Investor & Analyst Day, one of the key issues addressed was the new frontiers in medical technology. At 3D Systems, healthcare appears to be…

Surgeons Begin Using 3D Printing to Help Explain Patients’ Conditions to Them

Bioprinting continues to make significant strides towards a process that will involve dispensing cells onto biocompatible scaffolding using successive layers to generate tissue-like 3D structures and organs. Along the way,…

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