This 3D Printer Is Music to Your Ears

This 3D Printer Is Music to Your Ears

September 23, 2015

No, this isn’t some cheesy metaphor…okay, well maybe it is, but the point remains: 3D printers can be programmed not only to create a range of delightful printed objects, but…

It’s a Technology Orchestra! — Watch as a 3D Printer Performs Among Hard Drives & Floppy Drives

We’ve all seen the various musical compositions created using solely the sounds emitted by the extruders and stepper motors on 3D printers, but this recent project by a man named…

3D Printing: The Stories We Didn’t Cover This Week — March 7, 2015

Warning: all of this week’s creative ideas may give you the bug to buy or win a 3D printer of your own…and you can do just that by entering Ultimaker’s…

3D Printers Play Music from Mario Bros., Star Wars’ Imperial March & More

When I mention the phrase ‘3D printer music,’ you likely think of one of the numerous 3D printed musical instruments we have covered over the last year. Perhaps the saxophone…

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