3D printed plate


Horse Saved with 3D Printing Makes for the Best Christmas Present Ever

Andrew Allshorn is the owner of 3D-SQUARED, which has been offering high-end manufacturing services and consulting since 2007. He started as a stereolithography (SLA) technician at the University of Liverpool in…

Surgeons Use HoloLens and Metal 3D Printing to Implant Eye Socket

Both augmented reality (AR) and 3D printing have been used by surgeons over the past decade, as teaching tools for medical schools and as patient-specific 3D maps for performing surgeries….

Materialise Uses Advanced Visualization and 3D Printed Surgical Guides in Successful Reconstructive Jaw Surgery

Imagine you’re at the dentist’s office, having a routine cleaning and checkup, and the dental hygienist finds a tumor in your mouth. It sounds like a bad dream, but it…

German Researchers 3D Print Thin-Layer Chromatography Plates

Gertrud Morlock, researcher at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany, successfully utilized a Prusa i3 to create patterned plates with 3D printed thin silica gel layers. The Prusa i3 open-source…