Print the Future: A Deep Dive into 3D Aerospace Tech with Agile & 6K Additive’s Webinar


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In an era where innovation soars beyond the skies, 6K Additive and Agile Space Industries have aligned their expertise through a partnership to upgrade aerospace engineering and sustainable manufacturing. This collaboration takes center stage in the upcoming webinar “Getting to the Moon with Additive Manufacturing.” Scheduled for November 16, at 2 PM ET, this discussion promises to chart new territories in lunar exploration.

Agile’s engineered rise

Renowned for its propulsion systems, Agile is pushing the boundaries of space exploration with its A2200 engines, slated to power a lunar lander vehicle. Developed with precision for the most rugged missions, the A2200 engine boasts a remarkable specific impulse exceeding 318 seconds. It leverages a cutting-edge pintle sleeve throttling mechanism. This capability is not just about raw power; it ensures a carefully controlled and stable journey through space, crucial for lunar touchdowns and liftoffs. It’s an engine that doesn’t just throttle (adjusts its thrust) but executes this modulation with exceptional precision in under 650 milliseconds, essential for the stringent requirements of lunar maneuvers.

Agile’s propulsion technology sets a high standard, and the success of its A2200 engines relies heavily on the right materials. That’s where 6K Additive comes in with its Ni625 powder, a type of Inconel chosen for its performance and reliability. It’s been rigorously tested and approved for space use, making it perfect for the engine’s most crucial components. This powder is tough — it can take on the intense heat and stress of space and keep the engine running smoothly and reliably. The collaboration between Agile and 6K Additive is proof of how modern additive manufacturing (AM) is changing space technology, making parts that are stronger and more sustainable.

6K Additive’s Ni625 powder is being certified for use at Agile’s manufacturing facility; here shown is Agile’s A2200 engine. Image courtesy of 6K Additive.

To infinity

Shifting the aerospace industry’s development gears, Agile has drastically reduced the production cycle of aerospace components from years to just 12 months. This change is mainly driven by its adoption of cutting-edge AM technologies, like Trumpf’s TruPrint 5000 machine, which allows for rapid iteration and qualification of new materials and parameters. By integrating the robust Ni625 powder into this accelerated process, Agile ensures that even the most essential engine parts meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Kyle Metsger, the Director of Additive Technology at Agile, emphasizes that such innovations have allowed them to manufacture 85% of their engine components using AM, tapping into the sustainable and top-tier powders supplied by 6K Additive.

6K Additive’s Ni625 powder is being certified for use at Agile’s manufacturing facility. Image courtesy of 6K Additive.

Into the heart of aerospace manufacturing

The upcoming webinar promises to be an insightful journey into the interplay between cutting-edge technology and environmental sustainability in space exploration. The discussion panel featuring Agile’s Chief Engineer Charlie Garcia, Senior AM Engineer Dustin Crouse, and 6K Additive’s Chief Commercial Officer Nick Pflugh will dive into the complexities of the A2200 engine program and the pivotal role of Ni625 material.

Attendees will get a behind-the-scenes look at how quickly and effectively settings are determined for creating parts, how vital material information is gathered, and the realistic challenges of printing the A2200 engine components. What’s more, the experts will explain how their methods for using AM to speed up the development process and highlight Agile’s commitment to product responsibility and environmental care from start to finish—a goal that Frank Roberts, President of 6K Additive, also strongly supports.

Adding to its narrative of innovation and sustainability, 6K Additive has recently enhanced its capacity for environmentally conscious production with the acquisition of Global Metal Powders (GMP), reinforcing its commitment to the circular economy. This strategic merger expands 6K Additive’s resources for sustainably producing high-quality metal powders. It complements the webinar’s discourse on the future of aerospace manufacturing, where such material advancements play a critical role.

Propelling the future

As we look towards the next chapter in aerospace progress, the upcoming webinar is a platform for sharing knowledge and starting conversations around recent advancements. With a spotlight on the A2200 engine’s advanced capabilities and the crucial role of materials like Ni625 powder, the webinar promises an in-depth understanding of recent technological developments. Beyond the technical discussions, it will also touch on the broader trends in manufacturing, highlighted by 6K Additive’s latest strategic acquisition, which reflects the changing landscape of aerospace production.

Don’t miss the chance to join the experts at Agile and 6K Additive as they discuss the latest in high-performance aerospace engineering and responsible manufacturing on November 16. Reserve your spot today and be part of the conversation driving the aerospace sector forward.

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