3D Printing Webinar and Event Roundup: October 9, 2022


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We’ve got loads of things to tell you about in this week’s roundup! There are multiple events, both in-person and virtual, as well as numerous webinars on a variety of topics. Read on for all the details!

October 10: IAM3DHUB Summit & Forward AM Innovation Award

On Monday, October 10th, the IAM3DHUB Summit will be held, with a goal of gathering together the largest 3D printing ecosystem in the DFactory4.0 building in Barcelona to share in various activities and network with customers, collaborators, leads, partners, and other AM-related contacts. In the morning, there will several brief lectures in the auditorium, live demos inside the IAM3DHUB laboratories every hour, and a showroom for different samples and use cases of the available technologies. In the afternoon, the BASF Forward AM Innovation Award final event will be held, and the four finalist startups will pitch their projects in front of the international jury. The winners will be announced later the same day, and will receive between €50,000 and €70,000 in IAM3DHUB services for further development of their projects.

“Come to connect with the largest Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing network during an exciting whole day with plenty of different activities.”

You can register for the summit here.

October 10 – 14: 3D Printing News Unpeeled

Our Executive Editor Joris Peels, who’s also the Vice President of Consulting at SmarTech Analysis, launched a daily news livestream called 3D Printing News Unpeeled. Each weekday at 9:30 am EST, Peels gets on LinkedIn Live and tells us, in 20 minutes or less, what he considers to be the top news stories from the 3D printing industry that day, and why they’re important. Some of the stories in his roundup are ones we’ve covered at 3DPrint.com, and some are not, but they are all equally interesting and impactful.

The next 3D Printing News Unpeeled livestream will be this Monday, October 3rd, at 9:30 am EST, and will continue the rest of the week at the same time. You don’t want to miss it!

October 11, 12, & 14: Stratasys Experience Tour Continues

The Experience Stratasys Tour continues across the U.S. this week, with CATI hosting a stop at Dave and Busters in Westminster, Colorado on the 11th, and PADT hosting at Breckenridge Brewery in Littleton, Colorado on the 12th. On the 14th, the tour heads to the Topgolf in Midvale, Utah, hosted again by PADT.

“Our mobile showroom offers a local, convenient way for you to talk with 3D printing experts and see the latest 3D printers, materials and solutions from Stratasys. Learn about additive manufacturing services from Stratasys Direct and discover how your organization can benefit from 3D printing applications.”

You can register for the Stratasys Experience Tour here. Stay tuned for more dates and locations in the future!

October 11 – 14: Forged Tour Part Deux

Markforged continues across the EMEA this week with the Digital Forge, pints, and snacks to continue its global Forged Tour Part Deux. First, there will be two sessions in Birmingham on Tuesday the 11th with Mark3D, first at 9:30 am BST and again at 1:30 pm BST. Also on the 11th, the tour heads to Bilbao, Spain with 3DZ at 10:30 am CEST; to Bad Waldsee, Germany with 3D-MODEL at 9 am MESZ; to Le Mans, France with Neofab at 9 am CEST; and to Essen, Belgium with GS Technology at 9:30 am CEST. On the 12th, the tour meets up again with 3DZ, this time in Compiègne, France at 9:30 am CEST. Markforged joins Mark3D in Kent at 9:30 am BST on the 13th, and then heads to Edinburgh with Innova at 10 am BST on the 14th.

“We invite you to meet the platform that prints industrial parts at the speed of software in person. The Digital Forge is a combination of software, materials, and printers that bring you strong and reliable solutions to your manufacturing pain points.”

Stay tuned for more dates and locations in the future!

October 11: Kimya & Stratasys for Oil & Gas Applications

Last month, Stratasys began a new series of webinars focused on its validated material ecosystem. The first was about Kimya’s PC-FR material, and the second focused on Covestro’s Addigy PA6/66 GF-20 LS FR material. This Tuesday, October 11th, at 12 pm EST, Stratasys will explain “How Kimya Kepstan® PEKK-SC is unlocking a novel manufacturing solution for the Oil & Gas Industry.” The high-performance thermoplastic, which complies with RoHS and REACH standards, railway fire and smoke standard EN45545, aerospace FAR 25.853 flammability standard, and is flame retardant to UL94 V0, has excellent mechanical properties, making it perfect for oil and gas industry applications. Attendees will learn about the Stratasys Validated Materials Program, the key benefits of Kimya PEKK-SC, and more from speakers Xavier Bergamini, a Business Development Engineer at Arkema; Misha Nesartnam, a Product Manager at Kimya, an Armor Group company; and Rachael Wratkowski, an Industrial Materials Applications Engineer on the products team at Stratasys.

“Kimya PEKK-SC goes beyond expectations to perform in the harshest industry environments such as end-use oil & gas applications like back-up rings.”

You can register for the webinar here.

October 11: Microwave Sintering with The Virtual Foundry

Also at 12 pm EST on the 11th, The Virtual Foundry is presenting a webinar on Microwave Sintering, an exciting development in FFF metal 3D printing that’s not quite ready, but TVF couldn’t wait to share it. Hosted by TVF’s president Tricia Suess and Founder and CEO Brad Woods, who invented the company’s sinterable, high metal-content Filamet material, the webinar also welcomes special guest “Highball,” who has managed to successfully sinter Aluminum 6061 Filamet in an actual microwave. Attendees will learn the necessary equipment for microwave sintering, see a demonstration of the process, and more.

“I’ll be honest. I’ve heard this term many times but always thought the microwaves must be really special and come from a special machine.

“No! This process truly does happen in a regular microwave.”

You can register for the webinar here.

October 11: 3D Systems & Pellet Extrusion for Large Fixtures & Tooling

3D Systems is holding a webinar at 1 pm EST on the 11th about “Cost-Effective Pellet Extrusion 3D Printing for Large Fixtures and Tooling.” Attendees will learn how hybrid additive and subtractive systems can help address part surface finish requirements and long lead times, how pellet extrusion 3D printing can achieve far faster print times, up to ten times material cost savings, and higher part performance, how the Titan industrial 3D printer can be used to produce large tools, fixtures, molds, and patterns, and more, from speakers Dr. Mike Shepard, Vice President – Aerospace & Defense Segment, 3D Systems, and Clay Guillory, Director, Titan, 3D Systems Application Innovation Group.

“Additive Manufacturing (AM) is changing global manufacturing, especially in the aerospace industry where large-format 3D printers are used to produce tooling, fixtures, patterns and molds. Pellet extrusion and hybrid additive and subtractive systems offer a unique solution for these aerospace applications by leveraging the use of high-performance, low-cost pellet feedstocks and machining techniques to produce these large fixtures and tools at a fraction of the time and cost compared to filament extrusion or traditional manufacturing methods.”

You can register for the webinar here.

October 12 – 13: TechBlick’s Inaugural Future of Electronics RESHAPED Event

In Eindhoven, Netherlands, TechBlick is holding its inaugural event on The Future of Electronics RESHAPED October 12-13. The global conference and exhibition will cover key electronics topics, such as flexible, wearable, additive, hybrid, printed, stretchable, and more. Attendees will learn about the latest technology updates from top global organizations from 54 speakers and panelists, including names from Airbus, ASML, GE Healthcare, Kodak, Meta/Facebook, and more. There will also be over 53 exhibitors, including Nano Dimension, DuPont, Fraunhofer IAP, Henkel, Voltera, and more, and plenty of time to network as well.

“This cutting-edge event will attract the global community from innovators and material suppliers to equipment makers, manufacturers and end users – who will all gather here to reshape the future of electronics.”

You can register for the conference here.

October 12 – 13: MGA Annual Meeting & Women in AM Summit

MGA, a leading international network for industrial additive manufacturing, is holding its Annual Meeting in Berlin, also from October 12-13. Presentations and panel discussions will cover topics like DfAM for railway applications, 3D printing bones, the sustainable future of working groups, AM in the German Navy, and more. But, before the meeting starts, the event will kick off with the Women in AM Summit, hosted in cooperation with Women in 3D Printing. There will also be plenty of interesting presentations during the summit, including female empowerment in negotiation, using physics to answer the “holy grail” in LPBF technology, and more.

“Afterwards there will of course be plenty of time to network over cool drinks and delicious food before coming back the next day for updates from the network, inspiring speeches from the industry with never heard before news from both the rail and the defense sector and your chance to find new business opportunities.”

You can register for the meeting and summit here.

October 12: Practical 3D Scanning & Metrology with TriMech

At 10 am EST on Wednesday, October 12th, TriMech will hold a free “Practical 3D Scanning & Metrology” event for industry professionals at its Atlanta, Georgia office. The goal is teach about 3D scanning for metrology in inspecting manufactured parts. The morning session will focus on inspection, and after lunch, the afternoon session will then switch to using 3D scanning to speed up the design process through reverse engineering, scan-to-CAD, and design-from-CAD. While multiple solutions will be used in the morning session, the afternoon portion will feature Artec 3D scanners and Geomagic software.

“Let us introduce you to 3D scanning for metrology using industry leading hardware and software from GOM, a division of Zeiss. We’ll demonstrate the process using a variety of parts and different hardware solutions, including the flagship ATOS Q, new GOM Scan 1, and versatile handheld T-Scan hawk. This includes preparing the inspection routine, capturing the data, and reviewing the automatically created report.”

You can register for the event here.

October 12: Solving Supply Chain Issues with Stratasys SAF Technology

Stratasys is holding another webinar, this time at 11 am EST on the 12th, on how to “Reshore your production and solve your supply chain issue for industrial machinery with SAF™ technology.” The webinar will focus on how AM can help solve supply chain issues by fabricating high-quality industrial equipment parts when and where they’re needed, using SAF printing by Stratasys.

“This webinar reveals how you can onshore and reduce your time to production of critical components. We showcase the massive potential of 3D printing, in particular how SAFTM technology on the H350TM printer currently produces 92 components for a resin axial machine manufacturer, as well as how a major motor manufacturer uses additive manufacturing to streamline maintenance by printing out replacement parts.”

You can register for the webinar here.

October 12: HP’s San Diego MJF Experience Tour

HP started its MJF Experience Tour, and the next stop will be at the HP Customer Welcome Center in Palo Alto, California this Wednesday the 12th, starting at 3 pm PT (6 pm EST). There will be a presentation on AM opportunities in automotive and electric vehicles, a customer success story from Hawk Ridge Systems, a tour of the HP 3D printing lab, and more. Speakers will be Wes Kramer, HP 3D Printing, Application Engineer; Robin Gonzales, 3D Printing Outside Sales Rep, Hawk Ridge Systems; and Freddie Flores, 3D Printing Inside Sales Rep, Hawk Ridge Systems.

“Learn about industry advancements and how MJF is reshaping how businesses approach digital transformation.”

You can register for the tour here.

October 13 – 15: Dental World 2022

From October 13-15, Dental World 2022, an International Dental Exhibition and Congress, is coming to Budapest. International experts and Congress participants will come from nearly 50 countries to attend and gain knowledge, expertise, and experience. There will be an exhibition fair with hundreds of stands, conferences with featured speakers from the U.S., Germany, Italy, Israel, and China focused on aesthetics, implantology, endodontics, and orthodontics, face-to-face networking meetings, an awards ceremony, and a gala dinner. There will also be live demonstrations and workshops run by renowned international experts, and several of these will have a focus in 3D printing.

“The presence of more than 300 dental manufacturers will guarantee first-hand experience of all the innovations that will be seen in dental practices in the years to come. The live surgeries, demos, workshops and practical training sessions will provide visitors with knowledge that can be applied immediately. The social events will help participants to get to know not only Budapest but also each other better.”

You can register for the free exhibition here, and get tickets for the Congress and courses here.

October 13: Dassault’s Virtual MODSIM Conference

Thursday, October 13th will be a busy day, and it starts with the free, virtual 3DEXPERIENCE Modeling & Simulation Conference by Dassault Systèmes. The European session will begin at 1 pm CEST (7 am EST), while the Americas session will begin at 1 pm EST; the APAC South session won’t be until December 7th. There will be keynote speakers from Renault Group, PepsiCo, and Unilever discussing Sustainability Driving Innovation, along with panel discussions showing MODSIM in action, demonstrations of industry workflows that put MODSIM to the test, and other online content in the 3DEXPERIENCE playground. The event has been shortened to just four hours, which is still plenty of time to understand the benefits of moving to an integrated design and simulation approach.

“This year’s 3DEXPERIENCE Modeling & Simulation Conference will focus on game-changing technology from CATIASOLIDWORKS and SIMULIA, inspiring managers and leaders to design, innovate and collaborate to create the next generation of products on one business platform.”

You can register for the sessions here.

October 13: Live XiP Demo by Nexa3D

If you’re interested in ultrafast 3D printing, you’ll want to check out the live Zoom demonstration by Nexa3D, “CAD to Part with XiP in 30 min or less,” at 10 am PT (1 pm EST) on the 13th. Nexa3D’s Jasmine Heer, Next Factory Mechanical Engineer, and Shawn Miely, Head of Content Marketing, will go through bringing a CAD file into the NexaX Print Prep Software, and then how to set up the print job in the software and start the print. During printing, there will be an overview of the XiP’s features, and then the build plate will be removed, with a finished part on top.

“Sure, 3D printing overnight and coming in to find your completed print is fun but wouldn’t it be more fun if you could do that and multiple other projects all within one day?  XiP is the first Ultrafast Desktop 3D Printer in the world. How? We’ve taken the already fast mSLA technology and made it even better with our proprietary LSPc industrial light engine.

“If that still sounds like hyperbole and marketing speak, well, you’ll just have to see it for yourself.”

You can register for the live demo here.

October 13: Velo3D & 3DPrint.com Discuss Metal AM in the Space Industry

In the first of three webinars at 2 pm EST on the 13th, Velo3D is joining with 3DPrint.com to discuss “How Advanced Metal AM Can Provide the Space Industry with a Galaxy of Innovation.” Moderated by our Executive Editor Joris Peels, the discussion will focus on advancements in metal AM, and how Velo3D’s end-to-end solution can help companies make it in the emerging entrepreneurial space industry. Attendees will learn how metal AM can improve part performance and unlock design freedom, key steps needed to move from design to production, and more from Brent Hansen, Technical Business Development Manager from Velo3D, and Ali Baghchehsara, Founder and President of Plasmos.

“We’re witnessing a renaissance in the space industry. Today, there are more than 300 companies developing next generation launch vehicles. Ten years ago, that number was roughly 12. As stalwarts such as SpaceX and Blue Origin achieve high levels of success, an entire “NewSpace” industry is riding their wake trying to compete and gain the competitive edge with their own innovations.

“As the competition for investment funds intensifies, and the pressure to move beyond the whiteboard and manufacture real working parts increases, it’s no secret that the most successful companies will be those that take advantage of the latest breakthroughs in metal additive manufacturing to design, test, and manufacture with unprecedented speed and agility.”

You can register for the interactive webinar here.

October 13: ASME & HP Leveraging Next Gen Design Methods

As part of the Metrix webinar series, powered by ASME, you can learn about “Leveraging Next Gen Design Methods: Unlocking the Full Potential of Additive Manufacturing” at 2 pm EST on the 13th. Presented by Fernando Grego, HP 3D Printing Applications Engineer, the webinar will focus on how to use computational methods and user-friendly analytical tools to push the boundaries and digitally validate complex designs, learn about real-world application examples of advanced design, and understand how the methods can be applied to other applications.

“There is well-established industry expertise around designing for outdated machining processes, but advances in additive manufacturing technologies have introduced new challenges in design. Our ability to print complex geometries has outpaced our ability to design them. Using computational methods instead of traditional methods has allowed us to meet the specific requirements of applications in a variety of industries.”

You can register for the webinar here.

October 13: Formlabs’ New SLA Materials

Also at 2 pm EST on the 13th, Formlabs will hold “Office Hours: Reviewing Formlabs New SLA Materials in 2022.” This year, the company released ESD Resin, PU Rigid 650, PU Rigid 1000, BioMed Black, and BioMed White, each of which open applications for SLA 3D printing. During this office hours session, attendees will get an overview of each material and how it fits into the Formlabs library, applications each one is suited for, and, when applicable, workflow considerations. There will also be plenty of time for questions to Formlabs’ Product Marketing Manager Elena Austras, Product Manager, Materials, Paree Allu, and SLA Product Lead Kyle McNulty.

“Join this session if you’re curious about what’s possible with these new materials, have questions about using them with your current printer, or if you’re just eager to hear about cutting edge developments in the industry.”

You can register for the session here.

October 13: AM Coalition on 3D Printing for Repair

At 3 pm EST on Thursday the 13th, the Additive Manufacturing Coalition will present “A Forum on The Use of Additive Manufacturing for Repair” on Zoom. During the 90-minute forum, attendees will hear from Dave Abbott, GE Aviation Senior Staff Engineer, and Chair of the SAE International AMS-AM Repair Subcommittee on Additive Repair for Aerospace; Dr. Jason Jones, Co-Founder and CEO of Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies; and Dave Ramahi, President and CEO of Optomec.

“Come hear experts discuss the use of Additive Manufacturing to repair existing parts.”

You can RSVP for the forum here.

October 14 – 15: SprintRay on TMJ & AI 3D Printing

Finally, SprintRay is holding an onsite, hands-on, 14 CE credit course October 14-15 at its Los Angeles headquarters, hosted by the San Diego Dental Health Center, on “TMJ and AI 3D Printing from the Occlusal Guard to the Orthotic Appliances.” Dr, Thanos Kristallis, Maxillofacial Prosthodontist, CAD CAM Specialist Meisha Fogg, and Dr. Katya Archambault, Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist, will discuss how 3D printing and AI are revolutionizing dentistry. Topics covered will include applications of intraoral scanning, cone beam CT and MRI and their capabilities for more detailed imaging of TMJ disorders, the SprintRay 3D printer, orthotic AI design, and more.

“3D printing is the new disruptive industry in manufacturing and will revolutionize the way we will practice digital dentistry in the near future. This course is an introduction to understanding all aspects of the 3D printing process in the dental clinic related to the TMJ. Learn how to diagnose the different conditions that affect the TMJ and how to treat them with this new technology.”

You can enroll for the course here. Breakfast and lunch for both days are included in the cost.

Do you have news to share about any future webinars or virtual and live events? Please let us know!

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