3D Printing Webinar and Event Roundup: September 18, 2022


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In this week’s roundup of webinars and events in the 3D printing industry, Stratasys and Markforged continue their tours, and ASTM International’s CoE is holding a snapshot workshop. HP will discuss DfAM for its Multi Jet Fusion technology, GE Additive focuses on 3D printed orthopedic applications, and attendees will learn 10 reasons to leverage simulation in AM during an America Makes webinar. For details on these offerings and more, read on!

September 19, 21, 22, & 23: The Experience Stratasys Tour Continues

The Experience Stratasys Tour continues this week, stopping first at BigShots Golf in Springfield, Missouri, hosted by CATI, on Monday, September 19th. On the 21st, the tour moves on to The Hall DSM, hosted by AdvancedTek, in Des Moines, Iowa. The tour says in Des Moines on the 22nd, as CATI hosts at Peace Tree Brewing, and it hosts again at Hurling Hatchet in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on the 23rd.

“Our mobile showroom offers a local, convenient way for you to talk with 3D printing experts and see the latest 3D printers, materials and solutions from Stratasys. Learn about additive manufacturing services from Stratasys Direct and discover how your organization can benefit from 3D printing applications.”

You can register for the Stratasys Experience Tour here. Stay tuned for more dates and locations in the future!

September 19 – 23: 3D Printing News Unpeeled

Our Executive Editor Joris Peels, who’s also the Vice President of Consulting at SmarTech Analysis, launched a daily news livestream called 3D Printing News Unpeeled. Each weekday at 9:30 am EST, Peels gets on LinkedIn Live and tells us, in 20 minutes or less, what he considers to be the top news stories from the 3D printing industry that day, and why they’re important. Some of the stories in his roundup are ones we’ve covered at 3DPrint.com, and some are not, but they are all equally interesting and impactful.

The next 3D Printing News Unpeeled livestream will be this Monday, September 19th, at 9:30 am EST, and will continue the rest of the week at the same time. You don’t want to miss it!

September 19: ASTM’s AM CoE Snapshot Workshop

From 9 am until 7 pm EST on the 19th, ASTM International’s Center of Excellence (AM CoE) will hold its 8th Snapshot Workshop, in conjunction with the ASTM F42 and ISO TC261 meetings in Augsburg, Germany. With a theme of Advanced Industrial Applications – Driving Additive Manufacturing Forward and taught by nearly 20 experts, the workshop will offer a comprehensive look at the advancement of industrial applications in the major industries driving the technologies, as well as covering the need for AM standardization in these industries and the research initiatives from AM CoE partners to address the gaps. Each participant will receive a digital Verification of Completion Certificate.

“The workshop gives a holistic view of the AM advancements in industries such as space, aviation, automotive, and related sectors. The workshop is open to all those interested in knowing the latest and greatest in AM in these different industry sectors and getting engaged in meaningful discussions with AM experts.”

You can register for the workshop here.

September 20 – 23: Forged Tour Part Deux

Markforged continues its global Forged Tour Part Deux tour, featuring the Digital Forge, pints, and snacks, in the EMEA and APAC regions this week. On Tuesday the 20th, the tour will go to IMH in Gipuzkoa, Spain with Sicnova at 10:30 am CEST, and then on to the UK on the 21st, heading to The Industry Centre in Sunderland at 11 am BST with Additive-X. Markforged stays in the UK on the 22nd, moving to The Bradfield Centre in Cambridge with CREAT3D starting at 9:30 am BST, and later returning to Spain with Sicnova, going to the Green Tech Factory in Navarre at 10:30 am CEST. Thursday the 22nd will be a busy day, as the tour is also making a stop at 3DVerkstan in Stockholm, Sweden at 11 am CEST, and at Université de Nantes in France with 3DZ at 9:30 am CET. Finally, on the 23rd, Markforged and Additive-X return to the UK with a stop at the Creative Industries Building in Wrexham at 11 am BST, and the tour will also be stopping at The Kannelite Hotel in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India on the 23rd at 11 am IST with Adroitec.

“We invite you to meet the platform that prints industrial parts at the speed of software in person. The Digital Forge is a combination of software, materials, and printers that bring you strong and reliable solutions to your manufacturing pain points.”

Stay tuned for more dates and locations in the future!

September 20: Kimya PC-FR for Railroad Applications with Stratasys

Stratasys is beginning a new series of webinars focused on its validated material ecosystem, and starts with “Why Kimya PC-FR is a Premiere Choice for Railway Applications” this Tuesday, September 20th, at 11 am EST. Kimya’s PC-FR material features flame-resistant properties, making it a good choice for passenger and commercial rail applications, ranging from replacement parts to small parts like seat components. Misha Nesartnam, Product Manager at Kimya, and Rachael Wratkowski, Industrial Materials Applications Engineer on the Stratasys products team, will speak about the Stratasys Validated Materials Program, the benefits and applications of Kimya PC-FR, and more.

“Kimya PC-FR is a polycarbonate filament developed by Kimya and optimized for use in Stratasys FDM® printers. This flame retardant 3D printing material meets the EN45545 standard and the R1-HL2 fire hazard scale of the European railway industry and is printed using soluble supports allowing for increased design freedom.”

You can register for the webinar here.

September 21: 3D Systems on AM Agility & Efficiency

Wednesday, September 21st will be a busy day of webinars, starting at 7 am EST with 3D Systems on “Production Agility & Efficiency with Additive Manufacturing.” Sam Green, Principal, Product Marketing for 3D Systems, will discuss how the latest advances in AM contribute to agility and efficiency in manufacturing, how a new generation of materials is influencing AM production outcomes, and more.

“Driven by consumer demand, the life of many of the products we use is constantly shrinking. The effect on upstream manufacturers is to place more emphasis on a shorter time to market and a compressed product development cycle. Additive Manufacturing helps by digitizing one of the least automated parts of the product development process – traditionally prototyping, but which today also includes low-run production and tooling. Where in the last 20 years the power of 3D printing has been brought to bear on the ‘product definition’ and ‘product creation’ stages of the product cycle, it is now also positively impacting the ‘industrialization’ stage. When additive manufacturing is able to deliver both high productivity and required part mechanical performance, the end result is the ability to churn out thousands or tens of thousands of repeatable, production parts at a cost that makes sense for short series or batch run production.”

You can register for the webinar here.

September 21: DfAM for Multi Jet Fusion

Together, HP and digital manufacturer Extol Inc. are holding an in-person Design for Additive Manufacturing Workshop from 9 am until 3 pm EST on the 21st. The free F2F workshop will be held at Extol’s Zeeland, Michigan headquarters, and attendees will learn why digital manufacturing is disrupting product development and manufacturing in several major industries, how HP’s Multi Jet Fusion process works, how to find, develop, and launch successful AM applications, and more. There will also be a chance to apply what you’ve learned in an interactive workshop, and consult with technical experts from Extol about your own parts.

“Please join HP and Extol, Inc. for a unique, in-person workshop on designing for HP’s Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology to accelerate time to market, drive down cost, and deliver quality parts.”

You can register for the workshop here.

September 21: Markforged Automating Part Inspection

Its Blacksmith software will be the topic of a Markforged webinar at 10 am EST on the 21st, titled “Automate Part Inspection with Blacksmith.” Nate Washor, Software Sales Engineer, will teach attendees how to deliver reliable, precision parts with validated dimensional accuracy using Blacksmith. He’ll explain how the software works, and how its reports can give you confidence in your printed parts every time.

“Blacksmith software automates part inspection while printing, ensuring that every part is produced exactly as designed, which is especially important in regulated industries. It scans, measures, and compares the dimensional accuracy data of 3D printed parts to your design files, giving you reliable, precision parts that can be used immediately after printing. By validating accuracy as you print, you can achieve a faster time to market for parts by reducing inspection time and costs.”

You can register for the webinar here.

September 21: Business Case for 3D Printing Orthopedic Large Joints

Also at 10 am EST on the 21st, GE Additive and Orchid Orthopedic Solutions are holding the first of two webinars focused on AM solutions for large joint implants, such as tibia baseplates and acetabular cups. In “Solidifying the Business Case for Additive Manufacturing of Orthopedic Large Joints,” speakers Lauren Thompson, Operations Project Manager, AddWorks, GE Additive, and Scott Reese, VP of Business Development, Orchid Orthopedic Solutions, will discuss how to solidify the business case for 3D printing large joint implants, learn how the spine market paved the way for successful AM adoption for this application, what considerations should be made during a practical approach to building a sustainable AM supply chain, which types of AM are best for your product, and more.

“Is additive manufacturing ready for large joint implants? While still a relatively new technology, metal additive manufacturing has been evolving to become a key manufacturing tool in the orthopedic industry. But how do you know if and when additive manufacturing is the right solution for products in your portfolio, and how do you unlock the technology’s efficiency with zero compromise?”

You can register for the webinar here.

September 21: Improving the Supply Chain with AM

A third webinar at 10 am EST (4 pm CEST) on the 21st will be hosted by Makerverse, focusing on how additive manufacturing can help improve the reliability of supply chains. During this exclusive webinar, Dr. Markus Seibold, the CEO of Makerverse, will lead the discussion between three keynote speakers: Doug Bingham and Brian Baughman from Honeywell, and Quan Lac with Siemens Energy.

“Keynotes from our speakers and the following interactive discussions will evolve around the topics of:

  • Additive Manufacturing and its potential to increase supply chain reliability through levers like complexity reduction and nearshore production

  • The unique role of Additive Manufacturing in supply chain reliability for spare parts and end-of-life equipment and machinery

“Come join us and use this occasion to actively engage in a discussion between industry leaders!”

You can register for the webinar here.

September 21: Why You Should Leverage Simulation in AM

The final webinar on Wednesday the 21st is by America Makes, and this TRX webinar on the “Top 3 reasons to leverage simulation in additive manufacturing,” held at 2 pm EST, will be presented by Christopher Robinson from Ansys. Attendees will learn why additive simulation should be considered and the basic terminology, how it can help reduce long-term costs, when to use it, and more.

“Imagine 3D printing a part and hearing ‘oops’ from your operator or engineer. What’s the first thing that goes through your mind?…How much is this going to cost us? Whether you’re producing parts out of plastic, resin, or metal, the cost fluctuates, especially with metal additive printing.

“Why Ansys? A leader in simulation technology, our software helps digitally predict your ‘oops’ in your manufacturing processes, essentially giving you back money. Think of it like a ‘rebate’. Predicting fail before it happens, and end up with a nice surprise of no additional costs.”

You can register for the webinar here.

September 22: Future of Design with 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS

If you’re interested in enhancing your product design experience, tune in to this Thursday, September 22nd webinar on “3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS – The Future of Design is Here” by Dassault Systèmes, focused on its “most innovative version yet.” At 1 pm EST, Andy Barnes will interview DIYer, solid modeling enthusiast, and veteran Dassault Systèmes employee Jordan Tadic about why this is his preferred design tool, why he always saves his designs to the cloud, and why he believes all SOLIDWORKS users can benefit from these recent innovations to the platform.

“Are you an existing SOLIDWORKS user who’s always looking to innovate, simplify, and expand your product design capabilities? Maybe you’ve hacked your way through storing your CAD data in the cloud via generic and non–CAD–aware cloud storage solutions? Maybe you’ve implemented communication and collaboration tools to help you and your team stay on top of your design tasks, but still wish for a more integrated solution? Or maybe you’re just anxious to get your hands on our latest design technologies that will allow you to design geometry you might have never dreamed of creating in SOLIDWORKS.”

You can register for the webinar here.

September 22: AM Fuels Pankl Racing Innovation

If you don’t get enough additive simulation in the week’s first webinar with Ansys, you should tune in to its second one at 2 pm EST on the 22nd. Sponsored by 3D Systems and Metrix Connect, An ASME Company, the discussion will focus on “Pankl Racing Innovation Fueled by Additive Manufacturing” and Ansys simulation. The discussion will focus on the added value of engineering simulation, optimal parts for AM techniques, how to tackle typical issues like warping in metal 3D printing, where Pankl Racing applies additive simulation in its design and production process, and more. The speakers will be Enrique Escobar, Lead Application Engineer at Ansys, and Cleon Regensburger, Development Engineer Additive Manufacturing, Pankl Racing.

“Pankl Racing is a perfect example of how additive simulation is leveraged in nearly each step of the design and production processes to achieve the best possible results.  Development Engineer, Cleon Regensburger, from Pankl Racing will share how additive manufacturing and simulation enables a number of benefits, like less production lead time, greater part functionality, and design freedom.”

You can register for the webinar here.

September 23: Digital Fabrication & Traditional Crafting

Finally, the New Collar Network is holding a networking event on Friday, September 23rd on “Exploring the Intersection of Digital Fabrication & Traditional Native American Craft” from 8:30 am to 4 pm MST (10:30 am to 6 pm EST). This fun and educational event will include work from the University of New Mexico and the Santa Fe Indian School that bridges traditional Native American crafts and more modern technologies, like clay 3D printing. Forest CNC will bring its mobile CNC machining lab, Denver’s 3D Printing Store will share a NIST standards project in 3D printing press break forms for sheet metal forming, and the keynote will be presented by Michael Stone, who helped Volkswagen place over 35 fab labs into the Chattanooga, Tennessee school system.

“Join a fun, innovative group of educators, makers, inventors, and interested parties to reimagine how we can change the world utilizing New Collar skills.

“All are welcome but our core group comes from fab labs, maker spaces, companies, schools and non-profits that think outside the box about the world. This one day meeting on Sept. 23 will blow your mind, get your juices flowing and re-charge your batteries – a not-to-be-missed event!”

You can purchase a ticket for the event here.

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