3D Printing Webinar and Event Roundup: February 26, 2022


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We’ve got a super full week of webinars and events to tell you about for this coming week, including one of our own—Additive Manufacturing Strategies 2022 will be held as a hybrid event this week! There are also webinars on bioprinting, industrial AM, DED technology, product announcements, sustainability in 3D printing, and more. Read on for all the details!

Materialise: Cardiovascular Research Technologies Meeting

First up, Materialise is holding an annual educational forum, the Cardiovascular Research Technologies (CRT) meeting, starting tomorrow, February 26th, through Tuesday, March 1st, at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington DC. Attendees will explore the value of 3D-CT planning in clinical practice with multiple hands-on training sessions on Mimics Enlight, as well as the latest cardiovascular technologies and procedures for healthcare professionals and physicians. They’ll learn how to create an accurate virtual 3D model, leverage enhanced 3D visualization and automation for accurate planning and decision making, and more.

“You’ll be able to hear from Prof. Nicolas Van Mieghem and Dr. Brinder Singh Kanda as they detail some of their most complex cases as part of the CME program. You might be asking yourself afterward if you would have had the courage to tackle such complex cases! Or perhaps you would have tried something different?”

You can register for the individual training sessions on the CRT meeting page here.

Meet the Lisa X with Sinterit

At 5 am EST on Monday, February 29th, SLS 3D printing company Sinterit invites you to “Meet Lisa X – the fastest compact 3D printer in Sinterit offer.” With a 180 x 130 x 330 mm print size, this is the company’s newest 3D printer, and its fastest as well. Join the webinar to learn about some of the printer’s key features, such as its large working area, fast print speed, easy operation, and more. You’ll also see how different industries use compact SLS 3D printers to achieve business goals, and get answers to some of your frequently asked questions as well.

“Meet our end-to-end SLS 3D printing system. Print any shape without support structures and make use of all kinds of our printing materials.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Basics of 3D Printing with EOS

Also on the 28th, but at 11 am EST, EOS begins its series on Industrial 3D Printing: Most Common Questions with “10 Basics in 20 Minutes.” During the webinar, attendees will learn what 3D printing is, the main technologies, what industries are using 3D printing, how the technology compares with other manufacturing technologies, and more from speakers Fabian Alefeld, Senior Manager – Academy & Consulting, EOS North America; Patrick Schrade, Head of Application Engineering and Additive Minds Academy, EOS; and James Anderton, Director of Content, engineering.com.

“Whether you’re looking to develop a comprehensive strategy or just want to experiment with 3D printing, you need to start with the basics. The technology itself is fundamental, but beyond machines and materials, you’ll want to understand the workflow, from concept to production and beyond. You’ll also want to see how the quality, speed and cost compare to other manufacturing methods. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll want to recognize the opportunities and benefits additive manufacturing (AM) can provide, while also being cognizant of its challenges and limitations.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Additive Manufacturing Strategies 2022

From March 1-3, our Additive Manufacturing Strategies summit, co-hosted by SmarTech Analysis, will be held as a hybrid event, with online participation as well as in-person in New York City. This is the only 3D printing event in New York, and each day will feature three critical industry verticals and related topics, including metal 3D printing, 3D printing for healthcare, automation and rapid manufacturing, bioprinting, 3D printing in aviation and space, and more. More than 80 speakers will be presenting during the 45 sessions, and there will also be plenty of time for networking as well, both onsite and off.

“Over 1,000 people will be attending this event (both in-person and online) from all over the world. AMS includes panels and keynotes on 9 vertical topics most critical in the fast-growing world of additive manufacturing.”

You can register for AMS 2022 here.

3D Systems on FRESH 3D Bioprinting Human Tissue

At 3:30 pm EST on Tuesday, March 1st, 3D Systems is holding its first of two webinars this week, “FRESH 3D Bioprinting of Human Tissue and the Path Towards Translation,” part of the ongoing Allevi by 3D Conversations in Advanced Bioprinting Series. The core technology of FRESH bioprinting was developed in the lab of Dr. Adam Feinberg, CTO and Co-Founder of Fluidform and Professor of Materials Science & Engineering and Biomedical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, who will discuss why he founded the regenerative medicine company Fluidform, some of the important research from his university lab, where he sees the most promise in bioprinting, and more.

“In this latest installment of Allevi by 3D Systems’ Meet the Innovators series, our own Vice President and General Manager of Bioprinting Taci Pereira will facilitate a Q&A session with key insights about the field of 3D bioprinting, including its applications and perspectives on translational potential.”

You can register for the webinar here.

AddiTec Introducing Meltio’s DED Technology

Meltio M450

Also on the 1st, at 4 pm EST, laser metal deposition manufacturer Meltio and AddiTec, its new North American sales partner, are holding an informational webinar for the purposes of “Introducing Meltio’s Disruptive DED Technology to the US Market.” The speakers, which include Meltio CEO Brian Matthews and Dr. Yash Bandari, AddiTec’s Business Development Manager, will discuss some of the latest developments at AddiTec, introduce the Meltio product range, discuss the technology’s benefits and how it’s beginning to disrupt traditional manufacturing as well as metal AM, and more.

“You’ll be able to learn about AddiTec’s important role as a Master Reseller of Meltio products in North America, and how Meltio’s cutting-edge technology provides unprecedented capabilities for improving the properties and performance of traditionally made metal components.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Materialise at Global Urban & Advanced Air Summit

On Wednesday and Thursday, March 2nd and 3rd, Materialise experts will be attending the Global Urban & Advanced Air Summit 2022 in Farnborough, England. Attendees will learn about the latest in urban air mobility, and about the role that 3D printing plays in it, from industry leaders, including three from Materialise—Sales Director for Manufacturing Jamie Corden, Business Developer for Aerospace Rico Engelman, and Account Manager for Software Adrian Smith. Other topics Materialise will cover include identifying the right opportunities to apply 3D printing, exploring iterative design development with AM, and more.

“Come meet our experts to discover how 3D printing speeds up the aircraft development process and how design for additive manufacturing can unlock lightweight designs for better performance.”

You can register for GUAAS here, and book a meeting with Materialise here.

Texas Design-2-Part Show

Also from March 2-3 at the Arlington Expo Center in Texas, a Design-2-Part (D2P) show is being held, which are hailed as America’s largest design and contract manufacturing trade shows. One of several D2P shows across the country throughout the year, the Texas D2P is a great way to find new suppliers for parts and manufacturing services. Photocentric, the inventor of LCD 3D printing, will be showcasing its latest AM hardware, software, and materials at Booth 319 at the show, including its recently launched LC Opus 3D printer and high-performance UV resins. Rapid manufacturing company GoProto will also be at the show, exhibiting its cast urethane, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and 3D printing technologies in Booth 409.

“Design-2-Part is committed to bringing together the finest American contract manufacturers with OEMs and product manufacturers who need their services. We create efficiencies in the sourcing of custom parts, components, design, prototypes, and assemblies by offering every vehicle to do business… face-to-face, in print, and online. With decades of experience identifying, reaching and convincing OEM decision makers, Design-2-Part brings their expertise to you to generate new business.”

You can register for the D2P Arlington show here.

Mimaki Europe’s Global Innovation Days 2022

The next Global Innovation Days 2022 by Mimaki Europe will take place March 2-4 in a virtual format, through a series of dynamic webinars covering innovations, trends, and predictions for the Sign and Graphics, Industrial, Textile, and 3D markets. Attendees will get to virtually explore Mimaki Headquarters, discuss technology innovation across sectors with Mimaki partners, customers, experts, and industry leaders, participate in group agendas prepared to offer more insight into the global printing industry, and more.

“Mimaki continues to expand its online event programs to support and connect with partners and customers all over the globe. Using a custom-made online platform, Mimaki Innovation Days attendees will be able to attend live demonstrations of our latest products, have access to special promotions, watch webinars, meet, and chat with Mimaki experts, and engage in roundtable discussions.”

You can register for Global Innovation Days 2022 here.

HP Exhibiting at AAOP 2022

From March 2-5, at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta Downtown in Georgia, HP and a few other 3D printing companies and organizations will be exhibiting at AAOP 2022, the 48th Academy Annual Meeting & Scientific Symposium. This event for orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) professionals is hybrid, meaning you can attend in-person or online, and O&P professionals will come together to write the next chapter of quality patient care. In addition to world-renowned presenters, attendees will enjoy office hours with presenters, interactive sessions, strategic networking opportunities, and more.

“At the world’s most engaging event for O&P professionals, whether you attend in person or virtually, you’ll gain new ideas and strategies, challenge your thinking, engage, evolve, and emerge INSPIRED.”

You can register for AAOP 2022 here.

BCN3D Announcing New Patented AM Technology

During a virtual event at 10 am EST on Wednesday, March 2nd, BCN3D will be introducing and showcasing a new patented 3D printing technology, which has been in development for the last three years and was developed specifically to open up manufacturing autonomy. The new technology is completely different from the company’s existing FFF 3D printing solutions, and BCN3D engineers will explain the latest developments in detail. The online showcase will also feature material and development partner Arkema, as well as two testers of this technology: Tier 1 automotive manufacturer Saint-Gobain and motorsport and advanced technology company Prodrive.

“After decades of externalizing production to faraway locations in attempts to save on labor costs, AM has the potential to allow for local manufacturing and ensure companies have better control of their supply chains. The recent pandemic has proven the risks associated with this model: vulnerability against crises and subsequent shortages, vulnerable economies, and fierce competition to obtain manufactured goods abroad. 3D printing should be able to increase the competitiveness of the local industry to counteract delocalization by offering far greater flexibility and immediacy. On top of that, the current manufacturing industry urgently needs to focus on sustainability – it needs to strive for lower emissions and to shrink carbon footprints,” BCN3D’s CEO Xavier Martínez Faneca wrote in a letter explaining this milestone.

“In order to push our solutions towards this reality and reach these goals, we have to envision what we call Manufacturing Autonomy: a future where innovators and manufacturers are able to build end-use parts, with improved productivity and a degree of flexibility and accessibility that enables widespread adoption on a massive scale. We expect that in 10 years 3D printing will stop being the partner to our traditional manufacturing workflows that it is now and instead take its rightful place as the pivotal point in manufacturing. It is then that we will be able to scale up the use of 3D printing and this technology will offer its full potential to society.”

You can register for the showcase here.

Dyndrite’s Digital Manufacturing Investor Day

This year’s Digital Manufacturing Investor Day (DMID) by Dyndrite will be held as a virtual conference on March 2nd, starting at 11 am EST and sponsored by BNP Paribas. The event, which helps AM companies build relationships with the global investor community, was originally conceived at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, as COVID-19 was negatively affecting travel. This year’s DMID will focus on later-stage companies, some of which have already gone public, and in addition to keynote speakers, a live panel of five industry experts, and several presentations, Dyndrite’s CEO Harshil Goel and featured speaker Klaus Kleinfeld, the former CEO of Siemens, will hold a virtual fireside chat discussing the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

“Dyndrite is happy to host our 3rd DMID since the outset of the pandemic,” Goel said. “From our first event, the main goal has always been to educate the financial community around the transformation of the manufacturing sector.”

You can register for this year’s DMID by Dyndrite here.

Stratasys Sessions: Connectors and Adaptors on the Origin One

The first of two webinars held at 12 pm EST on the 2nd is part of the Stratasys Sessions Webinar Series, “Get the right fit with adapters and connectors on Origin One.” Tim Downing, Application Engineering Manager, Origin P3 at Stratasys, and Dan Straka, General Manager, Advanced Manufacturing Services, InterPRO Additive Manufacturing Group, will discuss how to print small, accurate adapters and connectors for production on the Stratasys Origin One, as well as possible benefits from switching to 3D printing, how to select the right material, optimizing ROI of the parts with DfAM best practices, design tips and tricks, and more.

“This webinar is an excellent resource for manufacturing and production organizations that are interested in printing connectors and adapters for a variety of environments, including but not limited to situations in which high heat or heat cycling, vibrations or impact is to be expected, or chemical exposure is likely.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Sustainability in 3D Printing with Nexa3D

The second webinar at 12 pm EST on the 2nd is a 3D Printing Leadership Forum by Nexa3D called “Sustainability in 3D Printing: The Time is Now.” AM experts Avi Reichental, the CEO, Co-Founder, and Chairman of Nexa3D, and Sarah Goehrke, the company’s Senior Director, Strategic Communications and Ecosystems, will hold a live conversation about sustainability, which is a pretty big issue in the AM industry. Many assume that 3D printing is more sustainable than subtractive manufacturing because it wastes less material, and Reichental and Goehrke will discuss action and impact, take a critical look at sustainability in today’s industrial 3D printing environment, and answer attendee questions.

“The benefits of additive manufacturing are real — but so is the very immediate need to increase focus on and investment into actionable sustainability. What does that mean from a 3D printer OEM’s perspective? What does “sustainability” mean for industry? How can 3D printing move beyond greenwashing?”

You can register for this 3D printing leadership forum here.

EOS Xperience Day Metal Materials

Moving on to March 3rd at 3 am EST, EOS Finland experts will take a deep dive into 3D printing metal powders for Xperience Day Metal Materials. As attendees will quickly learn, there’s more to it than just powder! Six speakers from the company will discuss post-processing of metal 3D printed parts, quality assurance of virgin and used powders, corrosion of steels, and more in three virtual sessions, ending at 9:15 am EST. If that’s too early for those of you in the Eastern Standard time zone, never fear—you’ll have access to all the recordings after the digital event is over.

“Materials is not only the powder but also the quality assurance, post processing of parts and part properties. Let our materials experts inspire you and then talk to them in person during the Expert Sessions.”

You can register for the event here.

3D Systems Concludes Automotive Webinar Series

After the first three episodes of its automotive AM series in December, January, and February, 3D Systems will hold the final episode on Thursday, March 3rd, “Save Cost and Improve Quality of Interior Components by Leveraging AM Design.” Kevin Baughey, 3D Systems Segment Leader in Transportation & Motorsports, will focus on 3D printing interior automotive components, discussing how to accelerate the validation of design intent, quickly test aesthetics of functional backlit components and systems, save costs and iterate more by getting rid of prototyping tooling, and more.

“Delivering an excellent interior cabin experience requires continuous design, testing, and iteration, and large investments in time and materials to support the process. Our additive manufacturing (AM) technology reduces the time this process takes from days to hours, all while saving costs and improving quality through enhancements to feel, view, finish, appearance, ergonomics, and function. With Class A surfaces, perfect color, and grain match, you can now directly validate, iterate, and produce design intent interior components.”

You can register for the event here.

Mintronics 3D Printing/Scanning Demo & Consultation Day

Moving to Friday, March 4th, specialist reseller for design and manufacturing software Mintronics will hold a 3D Scanning and Printing Demonstration and Consultation Day, starting at 4 am EST. The in-person event, held at the Oasis School of Human Relations – Hall Mews in Wetherby, West Yorkshire, is for engineering companies looking to solve manufacturing problems with additive technology. Mintronics will offer expert advice, as well as demonstrate 3D printing, scanning, and reverse engineering technology—specifically the EinScan 3D scanner range from Shining 3D, MakerBot 3D printers, and Geomagic Design X and Quicksurface software. Companies looking to resolve a particular problem can have their product scanned by the Mintronics team, and then receive the STL files and a workflow pack.

“3D scanning, reverse engineering and inspection offers huge potential by providing value-for-money powerful software solutions which allow engineering businesses to unlock efficiencies and workflow. We are really pleased to be able to run this event to help engineering and manufacturing sectors,” Tom Minto, Customer and Product Manager at Mintronics Ltd, said in a press release.

You can register for the event here.

SprintRay Live Surgical Course on 3D Printing Implants

Also on the 4th, but starting at 7:40 am EST, SprintRay will hold a nine-hour “LIVE SURGICAL COURSE – 3D Printing + Implants” in Louisville, Kentucky. Ken Parrish, DMD, PhD, Russellville Dental Lab’s Managing Partner Lee Coursey, and Matt Vierra DDS, MS will teach attendees how to incorporate SprintRay’s 3D printing solutions into their own implant practice routine in order to maximize efficiency, precision, and profitability.

“Pre-surgical planning and preparation using the latest in intra-oral scanning combining static or dynamic guidance with comprehensive incorporation of onsite manufacturing will be reviewed. IOS and CBCT can be combined to plan the ideal biologic implant position to support a cosmetic, functional and cleansable restorative outcome. The surgical plan can then be predictably and precisely delivered using in-office printed static guides or dynamic navigation. The provisional restoration can be printed onsite prior to surgery or immediately subsequent to implant placement. While detailed planning can help minimize complications, complex biologic and mechanical systems will inevitably have some negative outcomes. Digital files developed during the planning stage make it remarkably simple to rapidly replace a fractured provisional or deliver a same day immediate denture with in-office 3D printing. Simple, rapid and cost-effective occlusal guards make it easy to protect your patient’s investment and your hard work in less than an hour.”

You can register for the course for $995 here.

March Mayhem Combat Robot Tournament

Finally, on Saturday, March 5th, MatterHackers and Southern California Attack Robots are co-sponsoring what sounds like a really fun event, the March Mayhem Combat Robot Tournament. Starting at 1 pm EST, this free event will be held at the MatterHackers headquarters in Lake Forest, California, and, in addition to complete robot destruction, will feature giveaways, food trucks, and more. If you sign your robot(s) up for the competition, you can also win some pretty amazing prizes, such as gift cards and even free 3D printers!

“This all-ages event is open to the public and free to attend. Come view the smash-fest and tour MatterHackers HQ to learn more about 3D printing, meet your favorite builders from TV’s Battlebots, and even drive a demo-robot!”

You must register your bot for the competition before Monday, February 28th. You can RSVP as a spectator here.

Do you have news to share about any future webinars or virtual and live events? Please let us know!

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