Statue of Zeus: Stratasys 3D Prints an Ancient Wonder of the World to Mark Olympic Opening

The ancient world was a strange and wonderful place — and chief among the wonders of the time were a series of specially noted Wonders of the World. These seven…

High School’s JetSpace Takes Off with Help from the Zeus 3D Printer

I love hearing about how schools, camps and other educational institutions are incorporating 3D printing into classrooms and programs, and how 3D printing companies are getting involved in doing so….

AIO Robotics Expands Chinese Presences Through Partnership With Shenyang Machine Tool Co.

When it comes to simplicity and ease, it’s hard to beat AIO Robotics. Using their Zeus 3D printer is as easy as plugging it in and pressing a button, which…

Zeus Users Can Now Access MyMiniFactory Directly from Their 3D Printers

As 3D printing technology advances, it increases in complexity, as processes and applications for the technology grow and unfold in ways that are still difficult for many of us to…

ZEUS, The World’s First ALL-IN-ONE 3D Printer, 3D Copier, 3D Fax Machine Now Available for $2,499

3D printing has made tremendous strides over the past few years. This year alone, we have seen the prices of 3D printers drop significantly. 3D scanning is still in its…

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