Researchers Use 3D Printing to Create Organoids for Drug Testing in Monitored Body-On-A-Chip System

An organ-on-a-chip is a micro physiological system – a small cell culture chip that can mimic the structure and function of living human tissue. Organs-on-chips are helpful in terms of drug testing,…

New $250,000 Cash R&D Tax Credit Ideal for 3D Bioprinting

3D printing has become a revolutionizing industry in hundreds of areas like commercial products and engineering, but the development has been especially notable in the biomedical field. It is being…

Wake Forest Researchers Successfully Implant Living, Functional 3D Printed Human Tissue Into Animals

The news has been full of stories about new advancements in 3D printed tissue. Companies such as Organovo and research institutions such as the University of California San Diego are leading the…

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