GE Aviation Successfully Tests 3D Printed ATP Engine

Last year, GE Aviation announced that it would be undertaking quite a project. The company would be building an engine for a private plane, a Cessna Denali from Textron Aviation,…

The R&D Tax Credit Aspects of 3D Printing Helicopter Parts

The unique abilities that helicopters possess have allowed for tasks to be completed that have not been possible by use of other aircrafts. Today, helicopters are widely applicable to transportation,…

Up Close and Personal with GE’s 3D Printed Advanced Turboprop Engine

We’ve heard a lot about GE’s in-progress 3D printed turboprop engine, which was first announced a year ago. The engine, which will contain multiple titanium and steel 3D printed parts,…

GE & Textron Aviation Announce Next Generation Cessna Denali, Featuring 3D Printed Engine

We’ve been following GE in a zigzag around the map as they’ve opened facilities from a smart factory in Chakan, India to their latest $40 million Center for Additive Technology Advancement in Pittsburgh….

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