ClayXYZ 3D Printer and Clay Extrusion Device Introduce User-Friendly Ceramic 3D Printing

There have been many clay 3D printers over the years, from the EXtrace and the LUTUM to the 3D PotterBot and the WASP delta style clay 3D printer. But I bet they…

3Dfilamenta and CBD Tech Release ChiTu Mini V5.1 3D Printer Controller Board

Whether you’re designing a prototype for a new, mass produced 3D printer or just a maker looking to build your own, there isn’t a part more vital than the controller…

The Eleven 3D Printer by ISG3D is Now Available on Kickstarter

We’ve checked in periodically with Canadian startup ISG3D over the past year, most recently in September when we wrote about the upcoming launch of their eagerly anticipated Eleven 3D Printer. As of today,…

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