Indian Startup Unveils New Open-Source 3D Printer Mainboard on GitHub


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Open-source trailblazer in tech innovations, Boltz R&D has unveiled its latest creation, the SmartPrintCoreH7x. This Indian-based startup’s latest open-source 3D printer mainboard is engineered to deliver the same user experience to hobbyists and professionals. It combines high performance with customization capabilities, making it a significant leap forward for the 3D printing community.

At the heart of the mainboard is a “top tier” microcontroller unit (MCU) from French high-tech semiconductor technology manufacturer STMicroelectronics. According to Boltz, the STM32H723 MCU easily delivers the processing power needed for complex printing tasks. To provide precise control over printing operations, the board supports up to five stepper motors, allowing for control over position and movement, and features five closed-loop stepper ports, which improve control by providing feedback mechanisms that ensure accurate motor movement and position tracking.

Connectors of SmartPrintCoreH7x by Boltz R&D. Image courtesy of Boltz R&D via GitHub.

Another standout feature of this board is its user-friendly design, which enhances the overall printing experience. The startup says SmartPrintCoreH7x incorporates several elements that contribute to its user-friendly nature. Primarily, the board is equipped with self-locking connectors. These connectors are designed to lock into place securely when connected, eliminating the risk of accidental disconnection during operation. This feature also simplifies the assembly process, making it easier for users to set up and maintain their 3D printers.

Moreover, whether the user is new to 3D printing or experienced, assembling and configuring the board is straightforward and hassle-free. This simplicity and ease of use provide a seamless experience, allowing users to focus on their printing projects without any complications or technical hurdles.

However, what sets the SmartPrintCoreH7x apart is its open-source nature. With design files and instructions on the GitHub platform under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license, makers and developers worldwide are invited to modify and enhance the board, promoting collaboration and continuous improvement.

This board is compatible with popular 3D printing software like open-source 3D printer firmware Marlin and Klipper, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration into existing setups. Its efficient thermal design makes it suitable for high-power applications, providing stable performance even during demanding printing tasks. The board also features reliable Texas Instruments Buck Converters, which regulate and lower voltage, enhancing its power supply reliability. Developed in KiCad, a free software suite for electronic design automation, the mainboard facilitates easy user modifications, making customization and optimization even more appealing.

This board supports various 3D printers,  especially those geared towards enthusiasts, professionals, and makers. These printers may include do-it-yourself (DIY) printers, customizable models, high-performance machines, and those within a collaborative environment. For example, customizable models like the Prusa i3 MK3S+ are popular open-source 3D printers known for their modularity and upgradability. Similarly, the Creality Ender 3 has a large community of users who customize and upgrade various aspects of the printer, such as adding auto bed leveling, silent stepper motor drivers, and upgraded hotends. With its open-source nature, compatibility with popular firmware, and robust features, the SmartPrintCoreH7x board is a versatile solution for many 3D printing hardware.

SmartPrintCoreH7x by Boltz R&D. Image courtesy of Boltz R&D via GitHub.

Boltz R&D’s founder, Yatin Khurana states on GitHub: “SmartPrintCoreH7x was born out of a combination of long commute hours and a renewed passion for building. With 7 hours a day of travel time, a result of embarking on an exciting single life, there was ample opportunity to reconnect with my hobby of creating innovative hardware. Fueled by endless cups of Chai Tea and free time, I found a new rhythm between the rails and circuits.”

This passion and dedication led to the creation of the 3D printer mainboard. The philosophy behind SmartPrintCoreH7x is one where power meets passion, reflecting a commitment to quality, flexibility, and open innovation in 3D printing.

As an open-source 3D printer hardware project, the design files, schematics, and instructions for SmartPrintCoreH7x are available for anyone to access, modify, and even produce on their own. Additionally, Boltz R&D offers the board for sale as a product through their company, allowing individuals or businesses to purchase the board directly from them if they prefer not to manufacture it themselves ( This approach ensures that the SmartPrintCoreH7x remains accessible to both DIY enthusiasts and those seeking a ready-made solution. In line with this, Boltz R&D is actively seeking partnerships with printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers to expand the production of the SmartPrintCoreH7x.

“We’re open to collaboration and eager to see how the community will drive this technology forward,” said Khurana.

Boltz points out that this board is a canvas for 3D printing enthusiasts looking to tweak, enhance, or build from scratch. Interested users can get involved and contribute to the SmartPrintCoreH7x project by cloning the repository (, exploring schematics, sharing ideas, and supporting fellow makers and developers. The company hopes this new board will enhance the capabilities of 3D printers and also foster a community of innovators.

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