Microsoft 3D Builder App Now Available on Windows Mobile Devices and XBox One Consoles

Microsoft joined the wonderful world of 3D printing in 2013, when they announced the release of their 3D Builder application for Windows 8.1 machines. The app allows you to load, view,…

3D Designing with Microsoft Paint? A Leaked Video Indicates the Classic Software is Joining the 21st Century

In a world of constant updates to software and software applications, one program has remained weirdly the same: Microsoft Paint. It’s barely changed since it was first introduced, and there’s…

3MF Consortium Brings on ASTM International in Final Preparation for Standardized 3D Printing File Format

There’s just nothing like getting in on a good thing at the very beginning, and especially when you’ve had a hand in creating it yourself. Tech titans like Microsoft certainly know…

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