CGTrader’s 2016 Fashion Challenge: Make It Stylish, Make It Trendy, Make It 3D Printable!

CGTrader is ready to rock 2016 right away with a challenge that offers 3D designers a venue for showing off their work as well as offering an awesome opportunity to…

The 3D Printing Lix Pen’s Huge Kickstarter Success is Causing the Company Some Problems

3D printing pens have become all the rage as of late on crowdfunding website Kickstarter. First it was the 3Doodler raising well over $2 million. Now it is the LIX…

Cloudio2go 3D Printer Pen Seeks Funding on Indiegogo

The number of applications available for 3D printers continues to expand, from both a business and hobbyist perspective. One subcategory of the 3D printing craze, which has begun to get traction,…

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