Organovo: Bioprinting Could be the New Solution to Organ Transplantation

Remember when movies like The Island seemed like a scary yet foreseeable future? In 2005, the sci-fi thriller introduced a compound inhabited by clones used for organ harvesting, as well…

NIH Grant Awarded to Organovo to Use Its 3D Printed Liver Tissue to Study Liver Disease with UC San Diego

California-based bioprinting company Organovo is well-known to those in both the 3D printing and medical research worlds, due to its 3D printed kidney and liver tissues. The company, which previously announced…

Annual SOT Meeting in NOLA: Presentations Offer Validity for Using Organovo’s exVive 3D Printed Human Liver Tissue in Research

This is an exciting week for many in New Orleans. While one could say that at virtually any time—and residents would probably chuckle heartily at the comment—if you are interested in the…

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