Interview with Origin 3D Printing CEO Chris Prucha

Origin launched while announcing an “Open Additive Production“…platform…”a new way to build based on open materials, extensible software, and modular hardware” and a simultaneous partnership with BASF to develop materials…


IST Offers Solutions to Safely Recycle and Reuse Waste Solvents from 3D Print Finishing

Substances which dissolve a solute are called solvents – normally liquids, but these can also be gases and solids. Organic solvents are used in all sorts of everyday applications, such…

EOS and Audi Announce New Development Partnership Focusing on Metal Additive Manufacturing

One of the industries where additive manufacturing is continually making a splash is the automotive field. From 3D printed cars developed by Local Motors and Divergent 3D, to 3D printing…

Ultimaker Scaled Up to Lead Desktop 3D Printing into a New Professional Era, Says CEO Jos Burger

About a decade ago the Dutch envisioned ways to bring the “boring” technologies for rapid prototyping to the masses and embraced 3D printing. Today, while the mass media report on the…

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