The State of Food 3D Printing, Part 3: Present and Future

Ok, so food printing is a thing, but why is it a thing and will it become more of a thing in the future? To answer these semi-coherent questions, we…

At Every Unique Voxel a Unique Design and Material Best Suited for That Point and Application.

A voxel is a 3D pixel. A unit of 3D dimensional space, a voxel can be a virtually demarcated space in a 3D file or it could be somewhere on…

Obtaining R&D Tax Credits for 3D Printing Pasta

Want to share an al dente meal of pasta with someone in a different state? Simply 3D print your meals from your kitchen and video chat with your friend as…

Aposema: 3D Printed Soft Robotics Masks

Soft robotics is a new area for many people. The idea of making soft robots out of soft parts could potentially bring about an entirely new way of constructing robots….

Soft Robotics: 3D Printable Synthetic Soft Muscle is 3X Stronger Than Natural Muscle

According to 3D printing guru Hod Lipson, who’s founded four companies, developed an innovative food 3D printer, co-authored two books and over 200 papers, and spoken at multiple industry events, robots…

Around the World in 3D Printing: 2016 in Review

Throughout the last 12 months, we’ve been following growth in every aspect of the 3D printing industry, from hardware introductions to software developments to new materials set to bring new…

Inside 3D Printing San Diego: Hod Lipson Discusses the Next 25 Years of 3D Printing

Inside 3D Printing San Diego is here. The conference, tied in as the Frontier Tech Forum alongside RoboUniverse and Virtual Reality Summit, officially kicked off this morning in San Diego….

From Food to Vehicles, Robots Will Be Everywhere — A Few Questions For: Hod Lipson

No matter where you turn in the tech industry these days, certain names always rise to the top of any conversation. Among these individuals is the inimitable Hod Lipson, whose…

Columbia Professor Hod Lipson Leads the Food 3D Printing Revolution with New Printer Prototype

There are numerous types of 3D printing technologies that are sure to make your eyes wide and mind wonder, but none of them will get your stomach rumbling like food 3D printing….

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