Nova Scotia Surgeons Use 3D Printed Brain Model in Surgical Planning For the First Time

Last spring, Nick Rahr of Canada began experiencing some puzzling dizziness. His doctor conducted a brain scan, and told him that everything was clear, but a few months later Rahr…

UK Surgeon Uses Materialise OrthoView Software for Pre-Planning Surgical Success in 39 Hip Procedures

The work of Dr. Grant Shaw in Portsmouth, UK serves as a prime example of the importance 3D technology plays in medicine—with Materialise OrthoView software operating front and center. Dr….

3D Printed Prostate Glands Aid in More Accurate Diagnosis and Surgical Care

While originally conceived of as a way to help surgeons with complicated or extremely delicate surgical procedures, doctors are discovering some unexpected benefits from using 3D printed replicas of patients…

3D Systems Expands Their Medical Capabilities With New Healthcare Technology Center

At age 9, Blessing Makwera was severely injured when a land mine blew up in his face. The damage left him with severe disfigurement for years, until technology from 3D…

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