University of Surrey Replicates Butterfly Wing Structures Using 3D Printed Ceramics

Just about everyone loves butterflies, I think, even people who hate insects in general. It’s hard not to be amazed by their beauty and the incredible variety of colors they…

Nanoscribe 3D Prints Micro-Optics at the Nanoscale

Two areas that are emerging in 3D printing are optics and nanoprinting. Companies such as LuXeXceL are pioneering 3D printing optically clear parts for LED arrays and other applications. Meanwhile…

Butterfly Wings Inspire Aussie Scientists to 3D Print Stronger Structures for the Future of Electronics

A sprig of this, a dose of that, and toss in some butterfly wings. While that may sound more like fairytale than scientific research, an important part of Callophrys Rubi’s…

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