3D Printed Bone Replica Helps Pilot with Ankle Cysts Keep Flying High

The talus, part of the tarsus group of foot bones that transmits the entire weight of the body to the foot, is a large ankle bone that articulates with the tibia…

UK Researchers Continue Work on Nanokick Bioreactor, Progressing Toward 3D Printing Living Bone

The University of Glasgow received a £2.8 million grant in late 2016 in order to develop 3D printed bone for survivors of landmine blasts, which kill roughly 4,300 people each…

3Dynamic Systems Working on 3D-Bioprinting Human Bone, Skin & Muscle on Demand

Bioprinting certainly will play a major role in the future of medicine.  Implantation of 3D printed bones, soft tissue, and eventually entire organs look to be on the horizon.  With…

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